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  1. I am also interested in this. This is my site and I want the tagline to link in the second blog I have under the same domain. Thanks a lot in advance too!
  2. Hello, I am so happy that this tutorial helped so many people create multilingual sites and probably now I need some help too. This tutorial was made to hide links from Montauk's (SS6) navigation bar. Now I changed my template to Five (SS7) and I would like to incorporate the trick there too. This: #collection-xxxxxxxx #main-navigation ul li:nth-child(number) { display: none} works perfectly for pages and blogs, but when I open an individual post in the blog, the hidden links are visible again. Is there any way to state in the CSS that what ever happens to the blog as a collection sho
  3. Yeah I know, probably someone with more knowledge on coding will provide something less messy. Oh that's great, happy to helped anyway :)
  4. In your template as I can see what is called "TopNavigation" in my template is called "header-wrapper". So instead of #topNav , try #header-wrapper and tell me if it is fixed. Happy to helped :)
  5. UPDATE: Answering to @lizal : Yeah I had the same problem too. If you want to hide folders instead of pages, the pages inside of the folders are influenced too. So, here's what I did. It may not be the best answer, but it rolls good. As I can see in your navbar you have mainly folders (but you can have pages too). So as an example: let's say that you have 8 pages in the navbar. The first 4 in English & the other 4 in your X language (is it Russian? I am so sorry I don't know that alphabet. I hope that it's ok to call it "X" for that example. ). So you hide the 1-4 in the "X" blog &
  6. @crucco Hmmm I am really sorry, but I can't come up with a solution. Maybe somebody else with more knowledge on templates and coding. I am sorry that I couldn't help.
  7. I had the same problem too and I decided that I would prefer to deactivate the mobile view, rather than go back to the non-multilingual site of mine. I will do that until another good idea is available.You do so by going to: Configuration Page/Settings/General/Template Settings and there tick on the "Disable Mobile Styles"
  8. Check this solution too, such an easy peesy one for a multilingual site :)
  9. The reason that I republished that answer, was to have it in a one place nice and clean for all these people who seek a solution for their multilingual sites for so long. The problem is that when I was searching for such a solution (for the record for over a week), nobody seemed to know such a simple CSS code. It's amazing how many questions exist in this forum without a single answers. @rick davy covered on this post how hard is to get answers in here. And I agree completely with him. The fun thing is that in this some-god-should-name-it-a forum I have spotted a lot of good programmers a
  10. So on your sites configuration page (see the picture below for the steps): Create your blogs/pages and move them in the "Not linked" area. In the "Top Navigation" (the linked) area create the links for the navbar in both languages. eg. Let's say that we have an A, B page for English and an A', B' for Greek When clicking on each blog(that in the unlinked area (eg the English or Greek Version for me), you can see its unique id up the url's area. Copy-save them somewhere. Go now to Style Editor > Custom CSS The code that we will need is: .collection-52[…]d3 {#topNav nav ul>:nth-child
  11. Update: I posted a new tutorial on hiding links in navbar here, in case you are interested I see that a lot of people have the same kind of problem and the root of it is that there isn't any effective way to have a bilingual SS6 site. So if you want to make a bilingual site what are your options? the Google Translator, which is no option for me this method by SS, no an option either After a lot of research and brainstorming I came up with the conclusion that you can: Create a blog/page in your primary language of choice (X- for me that's GREEK VERSION) Duplicate each page/blog(for blogs
  12. Seriously thanks a million times, to the moon and back, seriously I have spend 2 afternoons on that thing and my knowledge on CSS are below zero.
  13. YOU ARE THE BESTBESTBEST! Thanks a lot! :D (you don't know how much time I have spent on that little stupid thing)
  14. I want to hide “ABOUT” folder or any other page link from the navbar in my site too http://www.inwhirlofinspiration.com/ Can you help me? The template is Montauk. I tried this but it hides the all the drop down folders: #topNav nav ul li.folder-collection I want to hide just one, this has the id=yui_3_10_1_1_1394724813137_796 How to add this info in the code? If I want to hide the second drop down menu, the CATEGORIES, for example, I will change the code, to: topNav nav ul li.folder-collection ul>: second-child { display: none }
  15. Jules, could you share that CSS to hide the menu in the other language blogs? It would be really usefull
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