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  1. Thanks - I made the Multilingualizer a couple of years ago now. It has developed quite a bit to include making it easy to have different images or videos for different languages. Check it out here: www.multilingualizer.com
  2. Check out www.multilingualizer.com - way better for SEO than Bablic or Localize
  3. Yes - to have multiple languages specifically on the same URL is specifically what the Multilingualizer was built for. Works on all Squarespace templates, unlimited languages, SEO friendly and most importantly no subscription fee. www.affiliatewebdesigners.com/product/multilingualizer/
  4. The easiest way to have a bilingual site is to use a piece of javascript I originally wrote for Shopify. Insert the code in the code injection footer area then you're set. Find out more here: www.affiliatewebdesigners.com/product/multilingualizer/ It works for all languages, is SEO friendly, and it's very easy to use.
  5. Hey guys - I've written a nice script that will enable bilingual capabilities on your Squarespace site. Simply paste the script into the code injection 'footer' area, then separate the two languages with // (double slash). e..g Here/Ici The script takes care of the rest. It works for ANY language. It can actually handle more than two languages with a bit of tweaking (let me know if you need this). It's incredibly easy to use, very quick to set up, SEO friendly and user-friendly. It'll display the first language by default but if your user clicks the second language then that's all they'll
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