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  1. I recommend checking out Localize.js. They allow you to easily create translated versions of your Squarespace website: https://localizejs.com/docs/integrations/squarespace
  2. An alternative to hiding pages is to use a service like Localize.js that lets you translate your website without creating duplicate Squarespace pages. Tutorial here: https://localizejs.com/docs/integrations/squarespace
  3. Localize.js has a tutorial for translating Squarespace sites. Pretty easy to follow... https://localizejs.com/docs/integrations/squarespace
  4. Localize.js is a solution that's similar to Google Translate, but it lets you customize your translations and it integrates well with Squarespace. Here's a tutorial for using Localize.js on Squarespace: https://localizejs.com/docs/integrations/squarespace
  5. Localize.js makes it pretty easy to make your site multilingual. Check out this tutorial: Translate your Squarespace site with Localize.js
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