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  1. @mim - My answer only works with a transparent header (I've updated the answer to reflect that. Let me have a play with a non transparent header and get back to you.
  2. All works great apart from Firefox. Tested on multiple versions and anything on a fairly big monitor the homepage image is not scaling to fill the screen. http://simon-randall-mw7u.squarespace.com @si lunt – I just noticed this on a new page I created with a slideshow instead of a singe image. It displays the same defect that you have, the window in Firefox is limited to @galleryHeight + 100px (which in Bedford is 600px + 100px for a total of 700px.) In developer mode I changed: &.transparent-header { #promotedGalleryWrapper { .sqs-gallery-block-slideshow { height:@gall
  3. Not got a real answer for you Simon but I can confirm the code works for my site in Firefox (tested on multiple machines). The only thing I did different was create a fullscreen.js file using the dev platform instead of using the footer code injection area on the consumer platform. Have a look at www.valorizzazioniculturali.com and see if it works for you.
  4. @mim What sort of problems? Works fine for me with Firefox on both the Mac (Mavericks) and PC (Windows 7). Maybe post a link to your site so people can help.
  5. The script above is for full height. Now, I'm sure this is the totally wrong way to do this and there is no doubt a much better way, but if you change this line: var windowHeight = window.innerHeight; to say: var windowHeight = window.innerHeight * 0.5; the banner should be 50% of fullscreen.
  6. It looks like its the .header-inner padding that is causing this. Adding this in the Custom CSS Editor should move things up (see image below using your height of 70px - change the 14px value as needed): .header-inner { padding: 14px 0 !important }
  7. The pre footer has the id "preFooter" so pasting this into the custom CSS code area will hide it on all pages on the site: #preFooter { display: none; }
  8. Maybe post a link to your site so people can help.
  9. @foleyatwork and @eanderson - Thank you both very much. This is excellent! Much appreciated.
  10. Anyone got a solution on how I can make the image full screen?
  11. An option like in Marquee: 1/3 page, 1/2 page, full page would be ideal.
  12. @vectorgirl I'd be interested in reading more about this. Where can I find your blog?
  13. Read this thread: http://answers.squarespace.com/questions/2723/switching-between-languages-multilingual?page=1#2761 I've done a few 2 language sites, you will find the links/my comments there. Good luck!
  14. The problem is that when you log out and view your site as a normal visitor, the maps reverts to the black & white version.
  15. Me too. I'd like to have the satellite view showing by default if possible.
  16. There is currently no easy solution from what I could see David. I ended up going with a template from Nick Scola (Round2) that I modified to suit my needs. You will need to use the devleoper platform. It's still a work in progress but you can have a look at it here: http://www.art-events.it I was given all the text in both languages and I had to recreate the pages in the second language as there is no "duplicate page" option (yet?) and the client will need to maintain the blogs in both languages but they want to adapt the blog content depending on the target audience so not all content will
  17. Thanks Eric. I ended up going with the "Page Title - Description" option with the logo in the top left. Works well. The only thing I've noticed is that having the Page Title as a link in a little redundant as if you can see it, you are already on the page. I just make the Page Title hover colour the same as the Page Title cover so its not obvious. Paul
  18. Right now, it seems to be an either/or situation. You can have "Site Title Logo Tagline" or "Page Title Description". Ideally an option to have the Logo and Page Title would be great or failing that, an idea of how fix this myself if possible. Paul
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