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Bedford: How can I increase the page width?


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@tryingtobehelpful FYI: since


is inside


it's not necessary to include it as well. It could also cause unintended side effects when a sidebar is enabled within a blog collection.

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Using the code: #page, #content {max-width: 95% !important;} Or even using it without the content tag, is there a way to make this code specific to a certain page?

I'm looking to use a standard page with a summary grid to re-create a blog page, but one with blog summaries that have images in them. Only thing is, I want to increase the content width to include a sidebar for an archive/search option. When the content is normal sized it's a little crammed. So ideally I'd like to widen this one page, but leave the content on the rest of the pages the normal width.

The page's name is news. I've tried replacing the #page code to #news, but it didn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have found a way to assign the CSS to a particular page. In place of 'page' you need the 'body id' of that particular page. If you navigate to your page in chrome and hit Ctrl+U you'll bring up the page source. Ctrl+F to open search and enter 'body id'. On the same line as 'body-id' you'll find something that looks like 'collection-........' with an alphanumeric string after it. Paste that as your 'page'.

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Hi Stanante. I found this chain and have a question. I am trying to target a specific page but am getting a sytanx error. You suggested replacing "page" with the "body id".

My body ID is "collection-5a0c6bcbf9619a2a36830f8a"

So my code, replacing #page, with the body id is

#collection-5a0c6bcbf9619a2a36830f8a  {
   max-width: 1300px;

But I'm getting syntax error.

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