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  1. Hey Paul, here is the page in question. I apologize for not providing it earlier.
  2. Hi I have the pacific template and am trying to target a specific page and change the background color. I already have a custom code increasing the max-width of the content on the page as below #collection-5e3c8b724983176cf11b8804 #page { max-width: 1310px } I want to keep this code and add the background color. Thanks!!! --- Edit I was playing with it and this code changes the background color but not full width! #collection-5e3c8b724983176cf11b8804 #page { max-width: 1310px; background-color:#34b9ec; } I need the color to go all the way to the edge of the screen
  3. Hi Stanante. I found this chain and have a question. I am trying to target a specific page but am getting a sytanx error. You suggested replacing "page" with the "body id". My body ID is "collection-5a0c6bcbf9619a2a36830f8a" So my code, replacing #page, with the body id is <style> #collection-5a0c6bcbf9619a2a36830f8a { max-width: 1300px; } </style> But I'm getting syntax error.
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