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  1. But if I wanted to buy two 10 packs for a total of twenty cards, I'd change the quantity to 2. I mean, if I want 24 beers I buy two 12 packs, right? Makes sense to me as is...
  2. Yes. It's a different way to build pages and I find it refreshing and quite powerful. Maybe you should take a breath and just try it out by building a trial?
  3. Looks like the previous designer hooked those styles to a strong tag within the paragraph in the title (which is smart). So, you should be able to simply access that image title in the gallery and bold the text.
  4. Nope. You could create a Squarespace page, and use a Code Block and paste your code I guess.
  5. Assuming the FOOD image (and text) links to a FOOD page, you could also use a Portfolio instead. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/235053528-Full-bleed-images#toc-portfolio-and-index-page-images
  6. The reason for this is that Page Header Code Injection is injected into the HEAD of the document, rather than the BODY. So, when you use custom CSS in this way, it must be contained in a style tag so when it's injected into the HEAD, it has the proper format.
  7. Where are you placing this code? Why is it an entire HTML document?
  8. This should do the trick: .header-title-text a::after { content: 'Tagline'; display: block; font-size: 14px; line-height: 1em; }
  9. Footer injection won't render on a Cover Page. You'd need to use Page Injection on the Cover Page itself. And yeah, JS is the only way I can think of... Otherwise, I generally just link a button instead.
  10. Cover Page logos don't link – they never have. Also, Cover Pages are template agnostic.
  11. To change the font size and weight, use the following: .collection-type-gallery #slideshow .image-description { font-size: 16px; font-weight: 700; }
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