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Website still not appearing in GOOGLE indexing

Hey All!

It's been roughly 3 months+ since attempting to creating my own squarespace website, and it's still not showing in GOOGLE indexing.

All the savvy affiliates I trusted (who inspired me to begin this journey), made it sound like such a dream/charm and so easy to create, set up and succeed. So I thought I'd give it a go - share some of my art on my favourite products and who knows, create a little 'side hustle' with my dream, and while I've learned to navigate the esthetics of the website process, I admit I have no technical skills, knowlege or background and I'm very much fumbling my way through this part of the process (all the technical jargon).

I'm at a point where I feel like I've tried and tried to resolve indexing issues, but I either don't fix anything or I make things worse and I'm feeling very defeated/confused/overwhelmed, althought not about to give up.

I would very much like the joy of seeing my website indexed and visible at least - just to see it light up in 'green' would make me so incredibly happy, but I just seem to hit wall after wall with one indxing issue or another and at times other issues.

There doesn't seem to be any issues sharing the site-link manutally (and having it viewed by friends and family etc), but I repeatedly fail to see the site indexed via the GOOGLE index checking page and I'm often getting 'FIX PAGE INDEXING ISSUE' emails from GOOGLE (I've linked a couple of examples, but there have been others - more or less similar.)

I proceed to do what I think is going to fix the issue, but sooner or later another email pops into my email system and I feel like I haven't fixed anything, but the the initial problem remains and I've created some new issue aka made things worse.

Is there anyone else like me .. little to no experience with this kind of thing, trying to make it work, really needs a helping hand. I'm at a point where I feel like I need to pay someone professional to help walk, talk and guide me through, if not get things sorted properly, if I can't get some sound advice via here.

I would like to be able to get back to focusing on my art primarily, so I can just upload new products and services as I go, but I need an indexted,  stable and functioning website before this can happen.

To *note I have site-links in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I was hoping this would help with 'indexing'.

I do have several 'hidden' website pages (special projects or surprises), which I am working on behind the scenes and don't won't revealed until I'm ready, and I just don't know when that will be. I am hoping these pages aren't affecting the 'indexing' process. I feel that would take away the fun of creating the in the first place and a website should be able to contstantly evolve and improve, providing better services, experiences and interactions.

I am hoping any simple alternations I might make to a page aren't affecting the indexing, because I will 'twerk' things, if I'm not satisfied with something.

I am aware of the importance and being diligent with SEO information, although there are some products still missing SEO information, because I'm a one woman-show and I'm adding as I can. I've tried to ensure all pages have up-to-date SEO information at least and at least half of the products are completed.

I was considering creating a nice clean 'landing/welcome page' or 'cover page', but then came across some reading somewhere, that this can be more detrimental to GOOGLE search indexing and to avoid doing it.

I hope even half of what I've shared makes sense and appreciate anyone who can offer a little guidance along the way or direct me to a professional (no scam) Squarespace designer who can better help me achieve my goals.


My thanks in advance and bless anyone who knows this technical business!




Google Indexing Issue Robots.txt & 404.png

Google Indexing Issue.png

Google Indexing Issue Crononical.png

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Hi @Hakora It looks like Google has successfully indexed some pages from your website. When I run a search for your brand name "iyanda el designs" I see your homepage showing as the second result in the SERP. See screenshot attached.

It's hard to speculate about the other error messages you may be seeing from Google Search Console without looking at the property directly, but it's not uncommon for Google to show error or warning messages like the ones in your screenshots after crawling a website. Not all of these are cause for concern, it just depends which specific URLs they apply to.

If you're looking to get more URLs from your website indexed and showing up in search results, start by thinking through who the target audience is and what search queries they might be entering into Google. Then take a look at the existing search engine results pages (SERPs) for those queries. That's your competition. From there, you can start building URLs that might compete with the URLs Google has currently selected as the "best" URLs to show for those search queries. The most important thing to focus on is high quality content that Google will not only index but also choose to rank highly compared to the competition.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

- Ed


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Resource: Squarespace SEO Checklist: 2023 Update


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3 minutes ago, edharris said:

but it's not uncommon for Google to show error or warning messages like the ones in your screenshots after crawling a website. Not all of these are cause for concern, it just depends which specific URLs they apply to.

Ed makes an important point here. Reports generated by tools like GSC are not perfect. Don't become a puppet on a string dancing to every generated report's error messages. Your life will be miserable if you do. If you are going to run your own SEO you need to learn which ones actually mean something.

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The comments above are accurate. And on my end your Squarespace domain is showing in Google search (see 2nd result in screenshot). You can update this if desired: https://www.collaborada.com/blog/squarespace-built-in-domain


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