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Masonry summary block isn't working correctly

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Site URL: http://taylorheery.com

I have vertical images set as the featured images for my blog posts so that they will populate in my home page summary block correctly. They show up fine on the summary block on the home page, but on my PORTFOLIO page, where the actual blog lives, the images are cropping to horizontal and not staying vertical. Only the new posts are doing this, older posts are populating properly. 

I'd love to do a masonry summary on my homepage as well, but it has never correctly sized the images, just like the issue i'm having now on the portfolio page.

I've tried remedies on both safari and chrome. I've deleted the summary and replaced it with no luck. I've deleted the featured images and reuploaded them. I've even deleted and replaced the blog posts themselves and that hasn't worked. 


What am I missing? The images in the attached screenshot should be vertical images and not cropped horizontal ones.

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 8.14.28 PM.png

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That’s not it. The older posts in the blog are working correctly. It’s the wall feature in the blog I guess. Several are vertical images that are now getting cropped to landscape. I tried making a separate page and using a summary blog for the blog and it does the same thing. I can’t work it out. 

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On 12/23/2021 at 1:18 AM, taylorheery said:

I have vertical images set as the featured images for my blog posts so that they will populate in my home page summary block correctly. On my PORTFOLIO page...the images are cropping to horizontal and not staying vertical. Only the new posts are doing this, older posts are populating properly. The older posts in the blog are working correctly. 

Squarespace recently made changes to the Blog Post UI and to the way 'Featured Images' (previously known as 'Thumbnail Images' 🙂) are handled so some invalid data is possibly being carried over. I can see that your old posts have an data-parent-ratio of 0.7 whereas the new posts have a ratio of 1.5, and whilst this isn't something that you can control, it is why they don't display correctly.

If you created the new posts by duplicating an existing post then you may want to try creating a completely new post and add a portrait Featured Image to see if the new post displays correctly. f it doesn't, I recommend that you contact Customer Care for this one as it looks like a bug and this will be difficult to troubleshoot further without access to the site configuration. 

Please post back to let us know how you get on.

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This is the reply I got, and YE, their "fix" option works.


Thanks for reaching out, I can lend a hand here.
I understand you have noted the Masonry style Blog Page display for your "Portfolio" Blog Page is currently displaying your recently uploaded thumbnail imagery in incorrect aspect ratios, though they appear correctly configured in your Homepage's Summary Block. I would be happy to assist you with that!
Thank you for reporting this behavior. We’ve noted this for our Design and Engineering teams to review, and they’ll use this feedback when implementing fixes and improvements in future releases. I see that we've received a couple of other reports of the same behavior from other users, so our team is looking into the matter now!
For the time being, this issue can be resolved by opening uploaded images in the built-in image editing function within the site, then saving immediately. We have details here on our support site regarding the process of opening an image in our built-in image editing function:
Editing images on your site
You don't need to make any changes, just open the image in the editor, then select Save! This restores the image's use of its original Aspect Ratio.
I want to set the expectation that this is an alternative solution you can use temporarily, rather than a permanent fix for the exact issue. We've found that this issue is less likely to appear with images optimized for display on our platform, with file sizes of less than 500MB. Additionally, the issue is more likely to occur if your images' settings don't fully match our guidelines, including the sRGB color profile, which is often the cause of this issue. You can read about image optimization suggestions like this here on our support site:
Formatting your images for display on the web
Please keep in mind that there are many moving parts we need to address before any changes are made, and we can't guarantee changes to this behavior in the immediate future. With this in mind, opening your Blog Posts' settings individually, selecting the "Edit" function associated with the thumbnail image, and saving without making changes in place is the best way to resolve this error for the time being. That said, all feedback is reviewed and your continued input is always encouraged.
Thank you again for reporting this. If you come across any other unusual behavior in the future, please let us know.
Kind regards,

River Z.

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