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how do you prevent a gallery item opened from a summary into a lightbox, from opening the source gallery page?



Site URL: https://tomato-lynx-cf66.squarespace.com/white

Here's the problem: at the bottom of this page I have a summary block pulling content from an existing gallery. When clicked I want my images to open in a lightbox AND stay on the current page but instead they open in a lightbox but also open the original gallery source page. I really don't want that - is it a bug

How do I prevent that gallery page opening? It seems to work fine in other summary design options - stacked for example; lighbox image opens and stays on the current page.

Any suggestions ūü§Ē

pw: letmein

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A summary block cannot move a single  image in a  gallery page slideshow to the page it is on. The images are all connected. This is why summaries will not pull content from a gallery page in an index, they are all connected.   Avenue gallery pages are always stacked when viewed inside an index and are a slideshow with mini thumbnails when viewed on their own. So my summary blocks switch pages also when viewing content from a gallery page. A summary will go to the blog page when it is the content source as well.

The site itself  or you cannot add content directly to a summary block. 

Edited by derricksrandomviews
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derricksrandomviews thank you so much for that response and explanation.

In fact what I'd really like is a gallery block with the same layout options as the summary block - seems not too much to ask ūüėČ

I'll see what kind of a workaraound I can find

Thanks again

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I think yours is a 7.0 site is it not? Your summary pulled from a gallery page. Most 7.0 sites allow you to lay out gallery blocks (which 7.1 does not have) as wall, grid, list or carousel/slideshow. I think you can imitate a summary block with lay set to grid and images set to inline.   SS help has this:

Image Blocks

Image Blocks using the Inline layout support a lightbox. To enable it:

  1. Add an Image Block, or double-click an existing Image Block to open the image editor.
  2. Click the Design tab.
  3. Ensure your layout is set to Inline. Other layouts don't support a lightbox.
  4. Switch the Lightbox toggle on.
  5. Choose between Dark Overlay and Light Overlay for your lightbox style with the Lightbox Theme drop-down.

Keep in mind:

  • Captions always display when you hover over lightbox images, regardless of which caption display option you choose. On mobile, they display when you tap the¬†dot icon.
  • If you¬†add clickthrough URLs¬†and enable lightbox, clicking the image opens the lightbox instead of the URL.
  • To keep lightboxes enabled and link images, add a¬†text link¬†to the image's description. For Image Blocks,¬†certain layouts also support buttons.

Grid Gallery Blocks

After adding your images to a Grid Gallery Block, click the Design tab and check Lightbox. Set your lightbox slideshow style by choosing Dark Overlay or Light Overlay from the drop-down.

Captions always display when you hover over lightbox images. On mobile, they display when you tap the dot icon. Slideshow, Carousel, and Stack Gallery Blocks don't support a lightbox.

If you add clickthrough URLs and enable lightbox, clicking the image opens the lightbox instead of the URL.

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Thanks derricksrandomviews - some great suggestions. And yes it's a 7.0 site.
Unfortunately those options are not going to work for me in this case:

Using Image Blocks (unless I'm mistaken will only allow my lightbox to display one image at a time - and not the ability to scroll through all my 6 or so Related Works - my user would need to open each image separately).
Also, which is the same problem as the Grid Gallery option (which would be fine for the lightbox aspect), but I'd have to lay them out as a grid which would take up too page space for the "value" of the content.

It really is the Summary carousel that I need; the layout is perfect. One thing I would like to try - maybe you would have some advice on this suggestion - is to put in a 301 url redirect whereby I set the URL of the gallery page I do not want my users to access, to point to the current page url - ie, stay on the same page...?

Here's where I'm trying out my options by the way: https://tomato-lynx-cf66.squarespace.com/white

Thanks again


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