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Imported 5600 products (vinyl records), none show up in my Store

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Site URL: http://www.metamodernmusicshop.com


Last night I uploaded 5600 products, 200 at a time, using .csv files, based on the Squarespace template. Got that all working...however, none of the items show up in the store. What's the point of the bulk import if they don't show up. When I go to my Inventory, all 5600 items are there and listed as they should.

The live URL is www.metamodernmusicshop.com   There is one product showing up, but that is because that was an individual entry added via "Add Product"

Can someone please guide me as to why this is happening? The monthly commerce plan is my subscription type. Please tell me that all 5600 products have to be manually uploaded...If so, what is the point of a bulk .csv import?

Thank you in advance for your help. Really need to get this store up asap in light of everything happening around us.

Thank you

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If you didn't specify a Products Page in your .csv file, your imported content will appear in a new Products Page in the Not Linked section of the Pages panel. This page is disabled by default. This means that it's hidden from your navigation menus, and visitors can't see it until you're ready to move and enable it.

If you specified a Products Page in the Product Page column of your .csv file, your products will be imported to that page. They'll be hidden by default, so visitors can't see them until you make them visible.

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derricksrandomviews:  Thank you for the response. Ok that makes sense. But stinks I have to delete all 5600 products and start again. Wow.

Let me get this straight before I delete and restart all this. So if I want all 5600 products to show up on my page called "Buy Records" I add those exact words (or are spaces frowned upon here) in the Product Page column? Or should it be "Buy_Now"?

Second, can all 5600 products reside on that Buy Now page? Or is it really going to create a new page for every 200 that I upload. That would be insane if that was the case, and really...useless to me then. Ugh.

Again, thank you for this. Hopefully I only lost the 4 hours uploading all those products, and not a realization that Squarespace is not going to work for that many products.

Cheers and thank you again

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I gather that if you have a product page already the page you specify in the import should match it, if not SS will create a new one (no sure what it is named) in the unlinked section. I think that for every 200 you upload just specify the page you want it to go to. As long you tell it where to place the items, it should not create a new page. Also the ones you already imported, I think you can export them to a new csv file import it again with the page you want to go to. 


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derricksrandomviews:  Thank you! You have given me hope. Going to give this all a shot. I really appreciate the quick feedback and advise. You rock.

Stay safe out there, my friend.

PS: I will report back on the solution once I test it out. So someone in the future can avoid the same problem I created.

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Well, I was able to import the .csv file with the added specific page name (/buyrecords) to the Product Page column of the template. I then did the same for the next 200 products (a separate .csv file), and YES, I got an error saying I cannot have more than 200 products per page. So it would not upload them and dumped them once again into an unlinked page called "Imported Products".

So with 5600 products in my physical store, that means I have to have 28 unique pages that would reside in the drop-down menu as 28 page links, under my Shop button, or have the most giant navigation bar ever? That is insane. I get that it's cool to parse the info to 200 per page (ie. View 10/page, view 50/page etc.), couldn't imagine the browser loading 5600 products and images in one shot, I get that, but shouldn't there be a function, like a next button, to view the next 200 products, while still under the Shop page umbrella??

So am I right in thinking that only 200 products are visible, and all the other 5400 products in my Inventory can only found by using the Search block (even though the pages is unlinked, it's still searchable)?

What is the work-around here? What are people's thoughts on this. 

thank you

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On 6/30/2020 at 8:44 PM, StevansAZ said:

from my understanding there is a limit of 500 products on squarespace

There is currently a 200 product limit on each product page in Squarespace 7.0. However, the limit on Squarespace 7.1 store pages is being increased from 200 to 10,000 products per site. See: 


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