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  1. I tried all in this website : https://cod-herring-kdsb.squarespace.com/ Password to view it is : 123 Added all codes here, but in the admin mobile ss panel it works, when I save it , I go to the mobile and the navigation is huge ( and one item divides into two pages ) Do you know what can it be ? Thanks
  2. @Bekka_fairmarry the other solution is to add the text , with the gif picture in the background. Its nice, but always the same text, but half of the solution done,
  3. Hello Hannah, How did you manage to get a slideshow full screen with the navigation bar over the picture ? And how did you manage to add the text and buttons, that twas amazing. Im facing the exact same problem with squarespace 7.1 Many thanks
  4. @geekgirlweb that also could be done in the post submitted message, once the user fill the info, instead of getting the text THANK YOU , you might add a text with a hyper link in order for the user to download the PDF. I never tried but I guess it works.
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