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  1. Wow, @tuanphan, you did it again! Thank you thank you!
  2. Is it possible to switch the text in this Stack Image to above the image instead of below it?
  3. This didn't work for me. I want the logo image on this page Snyder-Group.com to link to this page. I replaced .Header-branding with .site-branding and made the needed change to the url, but it's still linking to the home page. Appreciate any other ideas.
  4. Hi mindful500, nice site! Thanks for the tips here. I signed up for your email and love how the form changes to "thank you" after. Would you mind sharing how that's done? (I may be in touch soon about your business services..) thanks!
  5. Yay! Just what I was looking for. Worked great. thanks!
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