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  1. Thanks for asking! I just haven't gotten around to altering the spacing/margins yet for anything other than desktop, which I usually do near the end.
  2. Would love some help with this, as well (my first 7.1 site and some of my 7.0 CSS hacks aren't working). I'm looking to get the footer content width at 100%, but can't seem to find the right identifiers in the source code. Site: https://eversage.squarespace.com/home Pass: eversage Thanks!
  3. Did you ever get an answer to this? I just did a partial refund and no tax was refunded — just the exact amount I entered. Ideally, you'd be able to refund individual items from a sale, and tax would be figured out. According to the SS documentation, it looks like you need to figure out the tax manually (ugh).
  4. At this point, regardless of the covid situation, an easy in-store pickup option should be standard. But, like the Squarespace commerce platform in general, it's a sh%#show to get it to work. Customers are SO confused by the process. And my clients are also confused by why they can't do seemingly simple things on their website.
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