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    Susana_SQSP got a reaction from hiyo-design in How do I delete imported images?   
    Hi everyone, 
    Thank you for flagging this issue. We’ve noted this for our Design and Engineering teams to review, and they’ll use this feedback when implementing fixes and improvements in future releases.
    For any further questions regarding this issue, please reach out to the Customer Support team.
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    Susana_SQSP got a reaction from echo in View website history   
    Hi @echo, 

    At the moment there isn't a list of features you can upvote, so if you would like to get your feedback to be logged the best approach is indeed to contact Squarespace Customer Support for that.

    I've gone ahead and submitted that feedback for you. 😉
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to b1234gn in Feedback : Naz Design Website   
    The epoxy art is lovely and the colors vibrant.
    I give a site very limited time to convince me that I can find the product of my dreams there.  So, as a site visitor I want to know what serving items I might purchase: coasters, a cutting block of x size, and so on. I don't want to be required to look through the blue, green and pink collections to see what colors I might purchase one particular product in.
    I also want to know the type of wood used and some proof that the items are safe for food service. Hand crafted?
    Equally important, do you offer a particular set of products that are customized in the same abstract manner, the main difference being that each item comes in one of three colors? If that's true, when you name each separate product in the "Blue" collection, for example, a different name that seems to refer to the decorative pattern, rather than the product's function. So, I'm going to assume that if I ordered three "Rivers," I'm going to get three exact replicas of what I see in the photo.
    Good luck!
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Ecold in Feedback - Art Store   
    I like the navigation on your website.
    1. I definitely agree with adding short text on your first page as it's not clear who you are, why you draw, etc. It's hard to connect to you and make us want to buy your artwork (even though I am v. much enjoying it).
    2. On the 'Prints' page, I would definitely appreciate to know the sizing at first glance rather than having to click into the print. 
    3. If you can, it might be worth adding more commission work examples. 
    4. Lastly, I'm not a massive fan of the loading logo. I really like it as the opening scene to your website and I love the concept, but as it happens on every click, it can be a bit tedious after a while. 
    Good luck and best wishes selling your artwork. 

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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Spark_plugin in Feedback - Art Store   
    @ArunNairArt Great work with your artworks, I like them! 
    Two things you can improve with the website:
    Add some short text in the start that explains what the website is about. I had slow connection so all I saw the first 10 seconds was the loading screen. Good luck!
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Brent_Dickens in Carousels & rotating sliders: love them or leave them?   
    There has been plenty of UX research and they found that they never really worked well.
    Most people never saw the second slide so if it was important content it may get missed. Still depending on the circumstances they can work well. They do slow down the page load though.
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to tuanphan in How to Connect Squarespace to Domain I Own   
    Hi. Read the guide. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812378-Connecting-a-domain-to-your-Squarespace-site
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Hanz in Feedback on the top 3 things you think I need to change.   
    Your website looks great. Just a few things I would look at is more buttons and call to action. You want people to be directed immediately to your content/product. 
    Make sure to add your portfolio links on the home page preferably on the top. 
    Add more info about yourself, adds a personal touch. 
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Hanz in How do you like to use promotional pop-ups on your website?   
    My pop up is definitely for my lead magnet in exchange for email. Its a great way to just remind them to get it when they are on your site. 
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to ednaw in Does this format of form exist?   
    Hey there! That is definitely possible! Check out this reply from a circle leader on another thread asking the same question. :D
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    Susana_SQSP got a reaction from echo in View website history   
    Hi @misakimichy, 
    At the moment there isn't a way to check your activity log and restore content based on that. I am happy to forward this request to the appropriate team on your behalf. While we can't guarantee any implementation, rest assured every submission is reviewed by the manager in charge of improving the product area related to your request. 
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Spark_plugin in Feedback on the top 3 things you think I need to change.   
    Nice website @BrowerCreative! 😊
    Here are my 3 thoughts:
    Why do you have two different logos? I like the first one best (with the video background). I don't think the first page is necessary. Would be nice if you had the first page-design, but didn't have to click another time to see the navigation and scroll. I like the design in general!
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Alan-Squareflair in The Squarespace site I built is nominated for a Webby!   
    I'm happy to announce that my client's site won the People's Voice "Community Site" Webby for the REVERSE THE RED website! Thanks to all who voted in support of Species Survival. 
    I designed the site on Figma, and built the site on Squarespace's Developer Platform. It wasn't a complex site, but with a large committee steering the design/development, it was great to use/bend almost every component to completion. The Scientific/Institutional communities have held onto the Drupal platform for years, and we're here to prove that there's no reason for such an old/tired platform when forward momentum is the goal for building and using a site focused on growth and sustainability. 
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Frank349 in Social Sharing on 7.1   
    Hi Susana - thank you for replying here. I contacted support via chat today and asked if they would kindly pass this on to development. I currently have to use an outside source to add share buttons and it would be great if this could be done within Squarespace.
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to ednaw in How to insert a nav link on a photo   
    Hi there! Have you referred to this support article from Squarespace already?
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to jenniferboddam in Blog issue - Can't "edit" posts (Nolan template)   
    Hi @Susana_SQSP thanks! I did end up contacting them and found where they moved it!
    thank you!
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to LykaStudio in Translate Newsletter Form   
    Thank you so much! That solved it 
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Spark_plugin in Feedback on a higher education consultant website   
    Good job @Rainmaker (hehe, nice name)! Especially for being your first website! I like that it feels so "light".
    A few improvements:
    Definitely agree with adding a short video introduction, good idea. The fonts and font sizes are good I think. However, would be nice if the "KEYNOTE SPEAKER - ONLINE EDUCATION..." at the bottom had smaller spacing (more normal spacing). It would increase readability. It would be nice to have another photo. Maybe if you add the video, you can use the photo of you a bit further down in the text. Good luck with your consulting business!😊
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to ednaw in Site not found on Google search   
    Here is an article by Squarespace that you might want to check out. 🙂
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to christyprice in How do you like to use promotional pop-ups on your website?   
    I often use the Promotional Popup to offer a lead magnet in exchange for someone joining a mailing list. For many clients, we show these when someone visits a blog post, but not on the main services pages of the site (we don't want to interrupt someone if they are looking to book a service).
  21. Haha
    Susana_SQSP got a reaction from paulmontaperto in 7.1 Search - please fix!!!   
    Hi everyone, 
    Thanks for the feedback and valuable input here! For any feature requests/feedback that you would like to be logged, contacting our Customer Support team would be the best approach. As per point 6 of the forum guidelines we don't track feature requests in this forum. For now, I am closing this post.
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to darrylv in Duplicating content from one domain to another   
    Hi Susana,
    Thanks for your quick response.  It appears that I will have to duplicate the site as a free trial and then upgrade it to a paid account.  I (or rather, my client) already has a paid account that he would like to duplicate his old site to.  Might there be a way to either transfer directly to his new paid account or upgrade the free site directly to the new paid account?
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to ednaw in Calls to Action- where and how?   
    Hey there!
    Those questions do sound familiar to me. Personally, I am a big fan of using CTA in my business. Whenever I create a content about my products, I tend to design it the way that would really lead into my specific call to action for that article. Using CTA is not just about telling people that you need to do something, but also explaining to them why they need to do so. 
    One of the things I can share is to use emotional appeals moderately. In our industry where we sell what we have worked hard for, it is not enough for people to know how good the product is as it is but also how beneficial it would be for those who will heed to the call. This can be done by using emotionally-charged words in order to create a sense of familiarity and comfort to those who are viewing your site.
    I look forward to hearing some tips and practices in order to improve our CTA-making!
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to Millbo01 in Why can't we view the total number of active subcriptions?   
    Hi Susan,
    Yes please, if you could suggest it to your development team, as for future suggestions I will contact your customer support team.
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    Susana_SQSP reacted to hasher22 in Skincare website feedback   
    Natural skin tone colour palette is nice.
    Here are my thoughts;
    There's a huge gap between 'sign in' and the first picture. The 'sign in' button is in an awkward location, middle? Usually sign in buttons are in the top right. This aligns with majority of the websites we see today. 'Sign in' button is really small. I recon make it 2-3 points larger but still keep your small/minimalistic look The steps and descriptors is not clear to me and why I should buy your product. For example: You have "step 1: detox".. sweet, I know step 1 but what us detox, what is your product that detoxes? Why should I click "shop now?" to find out what is detox and your detoxing product. This goes for the rest of the steps To solve this problem, in my opinion: Get rid of the hero image, start off with "step 1" on the left as normal then have your detox product picture on the right. Under step one, have a few words (max 10 words or less) on what is detox or why detox Have 'sustainable' in a skinny section, do not make it as big as the steps. This information is supplementary Step 2, same as point 1 above but have the step 2 on the right and image on the left this time Natural + organic same as point 2 above Step 3, same as point 1 above Overall the landing page is clean, easy to understand, colour scheme is really nice. product page is easy to read. Nice job!
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