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  1. @paul2009Update... I converted the video to a .gif and loaded it as the back up image... seems to be working well.
  2. @paul2009 I'm having the same issue of banner video not playing on mobile (This site PW: letmein). My client pointed out this site's banner video does play on mobile. Granted, this is a WP site but it makes me wonder why does this work on WP and not SS? Maybe there's some other way to get the appearance of a background video on mobile with SS... perhaps a .gif (as backup image) to give the appearance of a video? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  3. Site URL: https://cornettfarmfresh.squarespace.com/ On a check out page (https://cornettfarmfresh.squarespace.com/checkout), is it possible to change the text "Shipping" to "Customer Address"? Is there any CSS controls available on the check out page to do this? Thanks
  4. Site URL: https://sonjanarizni.squarespace.com/shop/believe I'm try to add an outline/border (or possibly a drop shadow) around all product images. Any CSS wizards out there know how to do that? Thanks https://sonjanarizni.squarespace.com/shop/believe
  5. I'm interested in the same thing... there doesn't seem to be a Squarespace to Zapier function set up for Commerce. I think that's something Squarespace would need to build and make available. I'd be curious if anyone has found a work-around for this.
  6. Hi all, Can anyone help me with some CSS code? I'm trying to reduce the padding on Bedford blog post page. Here's the site: https://raybec.squarespace.com/blog/how-to-increase-sales-by-turning-your-sales-reps-into-an-insight-sales-team-0 Thanks MR
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