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  1. Hi @tuanphan If you look here https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/ (password is Garstang) you will see that the input text for the email field, and the line which sits underneath the field are both black, I'd like these to be white so that they can be seen on the dark blue background Cheers
  2. Yes I did wonder if a product filter would work but I wasn't sure if this could be done like a series of questions?
  3. Hi all I've had an enquiry where the client wants to a series of questions to be shown to the user, each question will narrow down the products available in a database and at the end the user will be presented with a narrowed down amount of products. Similar to this https://www.thread.com/ Does anyone know of anyway of doing this? Thanks Tom
  4. No, I want the underline for the email address field to be white
  5. Thanks for this, that worked great. All my text and underline for the field are all black, do you know how I can change that?
  6. Sorry, I changed the address https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson @tuanphanthat should work now
  7. Hi @tuanphan Thanks for your help above, I can't seem to get the single line to appear in the newsletter input field in the footer. I would also like to remove the padding from the left https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/ Password is Garstang
  8. Site URL: https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson-2 Hi all, Do you think its possible to add a button to a portfolio item hover? https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson-2 password is Garstang
  9. Site URL: https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson Hi guys This site is still work in progress but the client has just asked if I can add a side bar or secondary nav to this page https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com/why-collinson Password is: Garstang which would enable anchor links to the various "sections' within the page. Is this possible? Cheers
  10. Hi guys Is it possible to add an additional button to a product page? I'd like to add an enquire now button and a button that makes a call? Cheers Tom
  11. Hi guys I'm wondering if there are any ways of making the additional information section of a product more advanced and having them with full with backgrounds and additional styling options? Has anyone seen a plugin that lets you do this? I was wondering if I can insert another page underneath the main product information? Another option I was thinking about is whether to actually have the products as blog posts as you won't be able to buy the product online, just enquire. The blog page would allow for more styling options you see? It'd be good to know get other people
  12. Cheers that is great, many thanks
  13. I've added one button to the home page now
  14. It has however added some strange padding to the top left of background images on certain sections where an animation is applied to the background.
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