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  1. Hi guys A client is looking at how a client might be able to search for a PDF on their squarespace site which is uploaded to google drive... Is this possible?
  2. Yeah, they would be manually created unfortunately. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hey folks A client who has an existing Squarespace site has asked the following. They would like a customer to be able to log in to a member area and search for a certificate number which is specific to them. The results would only show their own certificates and they would be able to download them. Is this possible using member areas in Squarespace? Tom
  4. After having spoken to Squarespace, the members would need to have their own entire shop to be able to do this.
  5. Is it possible to assign a discount to members when they are shopping on a squarespace site which has a public shop as well? A client is looking at automatically assigning discount to products in the existing shop for members...?
  6. Yes that would be great if you could help with that
  7. Yes I did thanks, I added this code .sqs-block-markdown.custom-table-inside { width: 100%!important; }
  8. Site URL: https://cylinder-capybera-m75y.squarespace.com/thermocouple-cables Hey folks Can anyone help me stop this table... the table sits too far to the right but then also oveflows on the page to the right... the table plugin doesn't seem to have any settings to sort this... https://cylinder-capybera-m75y.squarespace.com/thermocouple-cables Cheers
  9. Site URL: https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com I have used a custom font uploaded to the site in the usual way. The link is here https://armadillo-deer-rbyp.squarespace.com The password is Garstang If you look at the lower case 'i' characters they are showing with a strange halo around them. I can't see this on my own computer but the client has given me this screen grab. Any ideas?
  10. Hmmm, thats odd. It seems to have a worked a bit but they seem to be squashed?
  11. Site URL: https://www.corehomesuk.com/home Hi folks, I have hand cranked some blocks on the homepage of this website but can't figure out how to round the tops of the images... I had added some CSS through targeting the image block ID but its not working... any ideas?
  12. Actually after another search I have found that it might be down to connection speed and isn't always going to show on mobile. Is there another way?
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