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  1. Thank you! My main issue was with the left/right margins so I used the code you provided with padding-left and padding-right instead of padding-top and padding-bottom. It worked great!
  2. Hello! I'm running into an issue where the header of my website seems like it has different padding than the rest of the site, but only when I view it on tablet (in my case iPad but I presume this would be the case on all tablets). The overall site style is a padding of vw 3, but the header looks like it has a lot more padding on tablet view. I've attached two photos below to show this. Any idea how to force the header to be in alignment with the rest of the site? Thanks! website: andreakloehn.com password: flute43
  3. Hello! I'm trying to create text with a margin (created using a text block background) over a white background (rectangle shape) that has a border. This works just fine on desktop, but on mobile the text block background overlays the shape border on the left side and covers up the border. I've attached images below showing what is happening. I would just make the text block itself have a border but the problem is that I have multiple text blocks within each section and want to have just one larger border for all of them. I'm thinking that if there is a way to use code to shift the text blocks to the right ever so slightly (just on mobile) that might be the way to uncover the border? Any other ideas welcome too! : ) Thanks in advance! website: andreakloehn.com password: flute43 code used to create border on white rectangle background: #block-whichever block I'm using { border: 2px solid #000369; }
  4. @melody495 That worked perfectly, thank you so much!! 🙂
  5. Hello! I'm trying to add borders to the videos on my site and am running into an issue where the border is not fully flush with the video–there's a little extra space at the top of each. I've attached an image below where you can see the thin white section at the top of the videos. I'm not sure why this is happening because the videos came out of iMovie with a 16:9 ratio and I thought that was the ratio Squarespace uses for video blocks? Anyway, here's the code that I used to make the border: .video-player { border: solid 4px #000369 !important; } I tried playing around with changing the padding (as I saw some people do to fix the aspect ratio for a 9:16 image) but didn't have any luck. Any ideas for how to fix this issue are very appreciated! website: andreakloehn.com password: flute43 (this issue is on the "music copy" page)
  6. Thank you @tuanphan, that worked perfectly!!
  7. Hello! I'm having an issue where the mobile dropdown menu button is not in alignment with the right side margins of the rest of my site. It looks like it is inset more than the rest of my site—not too noticeable in mobile edit mode on desktop, but very noticeable when I have it pulled up on my phone (pictures included below for reference). I'm not sure if this is a margin or padding issue with the button, but I'm hoping to get the button in alignment with the right margin of the rest of my site. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Website: andreakloehn.com Password: flute43
  8. Thanks so much, that fixed 95% of the problem! The one issue that arose is that now the hover looks a little strange on desktop (screenshot attached below). When I added the code, it makes the border appear in a different place on hover. Any idea how to tweak this so it is a clean image on hover? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Hello! The homepage of my website has 2 portfolio images/links. On desktop the titles appear with hover, but I found some code on a different post from @tuanphan to force the titles to appear below the images on mobile (since the hover doesn't work there). I'll include the code at the bottom of my post in case it's helpful. I have 3 questions about the mobile view with this modification: 1. Is there a way to get the title text closer to the image (or add more space under the text?) Right now the text is halfway between the two portfolio images which makes it hard to know which image the text goes with. I'll include a photo below showing this. 2. Is it possible to get the side margins equal on mobile? Right now the right margin is a bit smaller than the left (see photo again). I think this is because of the border I added. 3. Is it possible to increase the side margin padding of the portfolio images by about 3x just for the tablet view? (i.e. I would just apply this code for ~800-1024 pixel width devices). I will include a photo of the tablet view below as well. I don't like how the images go beyond the side margins of my header on the tablet version. Website: andreakloehn.com Password: flute43 Thanks for your help!!! Here's the code I used: /* Mobile-Portfolio title under image */ @media screen and (max-width:1024px) { div#gridThumbs { display: block !important; } .portfolio-text { opacity: 1 !important; position: relative !important; }
  10. Got it, I didn't realize the gallery and portfolio sections needed different code, but that makes sense. The gallery code worked great—thank you!! There was just one problem with the new portfolio code. Now it looks like the hover overlay doesn't cover the entire image (screenshot below). Any ideas on how to fix this?
  11. Thanks so much!! Just a few further questions: 1. When I added the code as follows (just changed a bit for the color I wanted), the border didn't quite fit the images on the bottom of the image. I'll attach a photo below. Any way to fix this issue? a.grid-item { border: 4px solid rgba(0,3,105,1); } 2. I'd also like to include borders in a few other galleries throughout my website (links below). It seems like the code only worked for some of the pages with galleries, and none of the following (which are all galleries linked within a gallery) had a border show up. Is there a variation on the code that would include the borders in these galleries? https://www.andreakloehn.com/work/art https://www.andreakloehn.com/commissions/dvso https://www.andreakloehn.com/commissions/portraits https://www.andreakloehn.com/commissions/uofcolorado
  12. Oops, sorry I thought the original post had included that! Url: andreakloehn.com Password: flute43 Thanks for your help!!
  13. Hi there! I'm wondering what the code would look like to add borders to all of my images in galleries (!!) without adding a border to my logo image? I'm in 7.1. When I used to be in 7.0, I added borders to my images (thanks @tuanphan!) but couldn't ever figure out how to exclude the logo image from getting that border. On YouTube I figured out how to code a border for an image inserted as a block. I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to get borders on images that are part of a gallery. Thanks for your help! FYI site password is flute43 if you are trying to view it
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