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  1. G'day Squarespace Circle, I'm in dire straits, and I'm reaching out for a lifeline. My website, www.inspiringdesign.au, has taken a plunge from page 1 on Google to who knows where. It's more mysterious than a platypus's day off, and I'm at my wit's end. Upon digging into the issue, I've found that Google has identified 172 conical errors within my site. It seems that every image in my galleries is being interpreted as a separate page, not an image, creating a sea of duplicate content. My SEO standing, built over decades, has been wiped out overnight like a sandcastle at high tide. This calamity came without warning. I haven't made any changes for months, and it appears to be related to a recent update or a glitch on the Squarespace platform. The loss of leads and the potential damage to my business is, at this stage, immeasurable. Tens of thousands in opportunities have gone up in smoke, and recovery seems a distant dream. If anyone has encountered this issue, knows the underlying cause, or has a solution to share, your insights would be more valuable than a cold brew on a scorcher of a day. My livelihood depends on resolving this, and I'm open to all suggestions, ideas, or even just commiseration. I'm grateful for any assistance, and I trust in the collective wisdom of this community to shed light on this dark puzzle. Best regards, Richard Davies www.inspiringdesign.au P.S. If this post helps me navigate out of this storm, the next round's on me. Cheers to community and collaboration! 🍻
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Richard, and I'm the proud owner of Inspiring Sanctuary Design, a residential building design business I recently rebranded. I'm also setting up an online store called TrulyUniqo, where I'll sell original art that I will have printed on clothing and merchandise. In addition to that, I started a web development venture late last year called Socially Savvy Solutions. As a creative person with a passion for graphic design, digital art and creative content writing, I use what I know to create social media content for local small businesses that understand the value of modern marketing. However, this isn't my primary source of income - merely a side project that lets me help others get ahead with their businesses while having fun! I'm looking forward to learning more about web development using Squarespace with an emphasis on branding, creative writing and problem-solving. The first couple of projects will be free to some lucky small businesses to build up my portfolio. Question. This was going to be my question, but I have answered it simultaneously, but it could make for a good conversation. After spending hours tweaking my website, figuring out when I should finally call it quits is tough. It's like being a kid in the biggest lollipop shop ever – so many choices and options it's easy to get overwhelmed. At least with building design, I know that simplicity is vital. There's a good saying that "good design is how much you take away, not how much you add". But with websites and graphic design, it can be hard to determine what to keep and discard. So here's my top tip: When you find yourself tweaking the same levels or details repeatedly, step back and ask yourself – is this worth the time? If you were paid for this work, would it be worthwhile? That might be a sign of perfectionism taking over, so I take a deep breath and let go. Underconstruction still. www.isdesign.au and looking for brutally honest comments. Stim.
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