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  1. Hi, You can disable the pointer events on specific items by targeting the url. .homepage a[href="/australian-glow-4/"] { pointer-events: none; } You would need a rule like the above for each of the items you don't want to link to. The code should be inserted into the custom css area. NB. It would also be possible to disable the rollover but, because it shows the project name, I haven't done so. Please upvote (top left) and like (bottom right) if this helps.
  2. Try replacing your rule with the following: body:not(.homepage, #collection-5d33fd2aa550120001edc34c) #page { max-width: 100%; margin: 140px; padding: 0; }
  3. That link is for Squarespace 5. It had user accounts but since Squarespace 6 that feature has been absent. Squarespace 5 has not been active for over 6 years.
  4. Maybe try this https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/request-desktop-website-safari-for-ios/
  5. Hamburger shows fine on my older gen iPad.
  6. There is no way of creating a solution that allows users to create and maintain their own usernames and passwords without using a third party solution.
  7. If you are using Chrome make sure you haven't accidentally checked "Desktop site" in the browser options.
  8. There are third party solutions such as Memberspace. However, you need to know that such solutions are not entirely secure. In fact, some are easy to work around. For that reason sensitive or confidential material should not be stored on such passworded pages. This is particularly true of financial and/or medical information but extends to anything you might consider to be commercially or personally confidential.
  9. I usually do this sort of thing by setting the image background to contain the gradient and set the image transparency on rollover. So, in your example site, the image would initally have full opacity and the rollover would reduce the opacity, allowing the gradient to bleed through.
  10. New site launched last week - https://www.inthewhiteroom.com/

  11. Same here. Chrome (77.0.3865.90) Windows 10. I have seen things like that in the past. They are typically caused by rounding errors when css is calculating how to, say split 3 images over an even numbered screen width or 4 images over an odd numbered screen width. In both cases a non integer pixel width is calculated and this can cause positioning errors.
  12. Cheers. Could you like my solution and vote it up, please?
  13. I did something like this recently with Vimeo videos. See https://www.inthewhiteroom.com The trick is to insert the video block but use the embed feature rather than pasting the url.
  14. This what I got it looking like using the code above and editing the page source so that it has the structure I mentioned earlier ('SOON' as bold at top of Body text.
  15. Because it's a cover page the custom css would need be in the cover page's injection point. This means you would need to be on Business subscription or Commerce subscription. Code would be something like <style> .sqs-slide-wrapper[data-slide-type="cover-page"] [data-slice-type="body"] p:first-of-type { margin-top: -39px; } .sqs-slide-wrapper[data-slide-type="cover-page"] [data-slice-type="body"] p strong { font-family: din-condensed-web; font-size: 120px; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; text-transform: none; letter-spacing: .98px; line-height: 1em; color: #fff; } </style>
  16. The bold gives it a tag you can use to target it. Then you use custom css to style it.
  17. This plugin should help - https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/background-videos-utils I used it on a client site recently and it works perfectly. NB. I didn't write this plugin and I am not affiliated with the author.
  18. In that case I would probably have 'Coming' in the headline and 'Soon' styled bold or italic in the Body section and then style the bold/italic text to be the same as Coming and shift it up with a negative margin top. Either that or have Coming Soon as bold/italic (with Shift+Enter) and style that as you want.
  19. Create a hard new line by holding shift and enter So.. 'Coming[shift+enter]Soon
  20. The code should ideally be in the sitewide injection points. You can use a page's collection id and a galleries id to narrow down to a particular instance of a gallery. What you do is add the class name to the item -the class in custom css is then instantly applied to it. From memory you would apply the class to the image's wrapper rather than the image itself otherwise you'd just have an empty slot rather than a rejigged grid.
  21. It's not overly complex. The script would: Wait for a click on one of the filter names Clear any previously applied 'hide' class from all items Add a hide class to the items that do not match the filter The hide class would be as simple as .hideNotMatching { display: none;} There would probably need to be some addition css to tidy up the grid. This is because pre-existing css adds extra padding to the to row and the first and last items on any row and, when filtered, these can end up appearing in the wrong place and going higgledy piggledy.
  22. The Cho Thompson example makes lists of projects filterable (specific to certain templates). Similar code would work for summary blocks. Galleries don't support tags, so it would be slightly more complex to implement - probably by embedding the tag information in the image file name.
  23. It's possible but it requires custom coding and css. Here one I've previously built, to illustrate the functionality. Is it the sort of thing you're after? https://www.chothompson.com/
  24. Try .sqs-gallery-container.sqs-gallery-block-slideshow { border-bottom: 1px solid #000; padding-bottom: 10px; } Then tweak the line thickness, style and colour as well as the padding. Options for visible border line styles are: dotted dashed solid double groove - 3D grooved border ridge - 3D ridged border inset - 3D inset border outset - 3D outset border If this resolves your problem, please hit like and also vote it up.
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