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  1. Also does anybody know how to make the gradient background I have coded in, go across seamlessly to new sections instead of this?
  2. Site URL: https://garlic-paddlefish-yd4j.squarespace.com/ I have an issue with the drop down menu being blacked out... How do I make it translucent to the background gradient?? SIte password is Miranda
  3. Yep I have... I do have another question though! How do I add in a scrolling bar at the top of the header like the bar in the footer of this website? https://www.worktones.com
  4. Site URL: https://www.mirandastokkel.com/ How can I make certain pages (ie. each couples page) have this gradient background : Let me know! Thanks
  5. Site URL: https://www.mirandastokkel.com/ How do I add a scrolling bar in the footer like the one on the website: https://www.worktones.com/ Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://www.mirandastokkel.com/ I am trying to switch my clients 7.0 website over to 1 new 7.0 template without losing the content. (As you can see there is a lot.) Is this possible? https://www.mirandastokkel.com/ Thanks a lot
  7. Yes you're right... what did I do wrong?
  8. Yay! IT finally worked. Thank you so much for your help đŸ˜„
  9. So I should create a code block in home page and paste: <div class="flier"><img src="https://freight.cargo.site/t/original/i/0501e4413c74c3401d9f041140258ef984cbc9a13d8aba70f89ae76b33e80ebf/Asset-13.png" width="200"></div> and then where do I paste the flier animation code: .flier {pointer-events: none;}.flier > * {/* Adjust animation duration to change the element’s speed */ animation: fly 50s linear infinite; pointer-events: none !important;top: 0;left: 0;transform: translateX(-120%) translateY(-120%) rotateZ(0);position: fixed;animation-delay: 1s;z-index: 999999;} /* Keyframe values control where the element will begin and end its trajectory across the screen. Each rule represents a path the element follows across the screen. */@keyframes fly {98.001%, 0% { display: block;transform: translateX(-200%) translateY(100vh) rotateZ(0deg)}15% {transform: translateX(100vw) translateY(-100%) rotateZ(180deg)}15.001%, 18% {transform: translateX(100vw) translateY(-30%) rotateZ(0deg)}40% {transform: translateX(-200%) translateY(3vh) rotateZ(-180deg)}40.001%, 43% {transform: translateX(-200%) translateY(-100%) rotateZ(-180deg)}65% {transform: translateX(100vw) translateY(50vh) rotateZ(0deg)}65.001%, 68% {transform: translateX(20vw) translateY(-200%) rotateZ(180deg)}95% {transform: translateX(10vw) translateY(100vh) rotateZ(0deg)}} VERY sorry i am very new to coding and still figuring it out. Thanks so much
  10. Ok so when I did that it just displays the static image... I have the image coded injected into the footer... I have a feeling I am making this more difficult than it needs to be!
  11. Oh yes woops! Pword is Hello12 So what would that code look like? Thanks a lit in advance
  12. Site URL: https://dory-dolphin-pwl8.squarespace.com/config/help I followed this forum post to get the vase image to fly across the screen: Just wondering if anybody knows how to code it so that it only shows on the homepage?? Thanks a lot
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