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  1. Thanks @paul2009. Yes, understand now that there is no work around but feel that it isn't communicated well when you start a member area. I will go and read your post on limitations and wish that I had seen this before investing in the member area. I feel like these are major oversights of basic function when you have customers paying for a membership type platform or any commerce function. Hopefully there is enough outcry from users of the service that these features are considered for future development.
  2. Hello, I've recently opened up a membership community using the Squarespace Member Area feature. After a few months of testing we have come to a massive road block with regards to how membership fees are processed. We have a few beta members and we would like to offer them a few discounted months after purchasing while they test out the site. As well, in the future we would like them to be able to receive discounted months every time they refer a friend to sign up. What we have discovered: 1) Discount coupons can ONLY be applied at the time of initial member area sign up. There is NO WAY to discount any future monthly purchases or offer any type of referral program. 2) If you ever modify the purchase price of your membership area, it only impacts future purchases. There is NO WAY to modify existing members membership fees. Squarespace support suggested work around was ask our members to cancel their subscription, re-sign up at a reduced rate and then ask them to cancel AGAIN and sign up for a 3rd time at a new full rate!!!! I cannot believe that this is their actual solution. How unprofessional would that be for us to ask members to cancel and re-apply not once but twice. Apparently there is a feature on the Commerce side of SS that you can pause monthly subscriptions to products, however this same function is not available to the member area. I then tried to see if this was something I could manage in Stripe when processing their payments, but it wouldn't work. I would have to still CANCEL all my members in SS and then set them up as reoccurring payments in Stripe. This cannot be because as soon as I cancel them in SS they lose access to the membership area. If anyone has ANY recommendation on how I can get around this it would be greatly appreciated. I assume we will need to find a third party processing work around or move to an alternative platform that can manage things like discount coupons for existing members and allow us to have affiliate benefits.
  3. Site URL: http://sitedoesn'texistyet.com I have a client that is looking to build a website that will integrate with a few MLS type services: Crexi.com and Buildout.com. Has anyone made these connections before to Squarespace? If so, I am wondering if you can share a bit of your process. We are also open to hiring someone to help with these integrations. My client also uses Brevitas for marketing and would love to know about any possibilities to link here as well. Are there any experts out there that deal in the Real Estate sector that can help with these integrations. Thanks! Marlo
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