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  1. Yes it looks like Squarespace have basically condemned the entirety of their customer base to the SEO doldrums and for those that rely on organic search that could ultimately mean business failure. Their radio silence on this topic is deafening. If I was in the dev team at Squarespace, I'd be focusing on nothing else, yet here we are with no obvious changes or transparency on this issue. Just a glimmer of hope in the form of comms regarding this could put minds at ease but they'd rather let this blazing dumpster fire burn. In fact, better communication from Squarespace about anything at all dev related would be deeply appreciated. More evidence that there is someone working on anything at all would be a huge shift.
  2. Can anyone help me validate this? On my squarespace site I'm seeing a huge drop in Google Image Search Impressions and traffic (approximately 75% decrease) This wasn't a gradual decline, it basically happened over night. Some of my top pages have stopped ranking completely. Squarespace, in their classic "not my problem" way have asked me to contact google (?!?!) Please can anyone help by also sharing their Search Console (Image) view? I'd like to see if this is unique to my website. Thanks!
  3. I received this message during the webinar after I asked a question: As you can see my search console shows that prior to May, my clicks were following the trend of my impressions closely. This is no longer the case. You can also see that my click through rate is the lowest it's been for 12 months (apart from Christmas, for obvious reasons)
  4. Tomorrow there's a session that talks about SEO and squarespace with a Q&A (you have to sign up below). I implore everybody to attend and to ask what they're doing about extremely poor Core Web Vitals performance. If enough people ask the question then it won't be missed. In my opinion, this session should cover nothing else. I'm now seeing a clear drop in rankings and what that leads to (almost immediately)? All of my hard work that I put into my business going down the drain. https://learning.squarespace.com/webinars-calendar/growing-your-audience-webinar @MorganYoungblood @tlivolsi @DiscoverAotearoa @Ntb @Spark_plugin @EduMe @Brent_Dickens @SDAgency @caravaggio @JustynaK @ColineDoe @GlynMusica @Rhonald @JeremiahSvaren @IamLovely @primallanguageproductions @DustinD @MPX @fernsfeathers @bertazizoglu
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