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  1. If text blocks had the option to reveal themselves when you hover over the block, this would add massive versatility to squarespace. For example, I could place a text block over an image. When the person moves their mouse over the image, the text block appears. This could appear with its settings, such as its background, or whatever else. A reveal on hover feature would be such a simple addition, but add huge possibilities. Perhaps this same setting could simply be added to all block items, such as images, or whatever else? This feature was already in squarespace in the form of the portfolio image blocks. But there's no way to achieve it outside of the portfolio, aside from custom code.
  2. I'd also like to add that even if I try to edit the site on my laptop instead of my large minotor desktop (which I absolutely do not want to do, as my desktop is 10x faster and stronger), then the text blocks get stretched out into these huge, empty spaces. The left photo is the site edited on my laptop, viewed on my desktop. It's obnoxiously spacious and empty. The right photo is the same site edited on my desktop, and viewed on my desktop. This is how its supposed to look. So I either edit the site on my desktop, and get weird stretched out random fluid-engine sections on smaller monitors (which becomes a big issue especially when it overlaps an image and makes it deformed and stretched), or, I edit the site on my laptop, and get left with massive blank empty regions, Text blocks on the fluid engine seem to work best when they're only one/a few words. As soon as you type a paragraph, or a few paragraphs, everything gets messed up on different monitor sizes. This is very frustrating as someone who's a creative writer, and is paying a lot of money to use squarespace as a site to feature my novels I'm hoping to publish soon.
  3. I edit my website on a desktop with a large monitor. When I view my website on my laptop, I notice deformation when using text blocks. These deformations of the fluid engine grid are extremely infuriating, as they produce random large gaps between items, or stretch out images far beyond what they're supposed to be. The deformation seems to occur when I use text blocks, and hit shift-enter, instead of just enter. Hitting enter while typing in a text block produces a large space between sections, while hitting shift-enter produces no space, and keeps it consistent with the text. For me, this is important, but it seems to be a leading contributor to deformation. Photo 1 & 2 show examples of deformation, while photo 3 shows a reminder of the difference between hitting enter, versus hitting shift-enter for text blocks.
  4. Hello. This is a suggestion/request. It would be so cool if we could simply make a text block appear only on hover. This way, I could have an image, and have text appear when someone hovers their mouse over the image (which the text box would be overlapping).
  5. Hello! I am absolutely in love with the new fluid engine. I love everything about it, except for one major issue: Typing can cause everything on my entire page to move. There's nothing more frustrating than spending time on a page, and typing in a text box, just to have one backspace, or one new line of text added, suddenly cause 50 or 100 rows of content across the entire page move up/down. This may force me to re-move every single item on the page back into its correct position. This may happen multiple times while editing a page. While some "hacks/tricks" help reduce the chance of this happening, such as dragging the text box to be far larger than I need, its not full proof. One backspace too far, and the entire enlarged chat box may shrink down to the size of just the text, and cause multiple rows of content to now all jump upwards on the page. This has cost me possibly hours of pointless repetition at this point. Request: Please make it so text boxes expanding/shrinking do NOT have any effect on the movement of all other content. If I want to move something, I will move it myself. I've spent hours re-doing placements because of this. Additionally: A simple + and - sign beside the row your mouse is aimed at, to add or remove a row would be incredibly helpful. Sometimes I may decide I want to put x item at the top, and need to move every item on the page down. Dragging helps, but sometimes pages are too large. A "hack" I use at the moment is actually the very thing I complained about. I'll use a text box, drag it to be the full width of the page, place this text box at the top of the page, and hit enter a few times, to move the entire website down. This is very makeshift though, and official support for a simple +/- row option to the side would be significantly better.
  6. There are spacing options for all kinds of image blocks except the main default one, Inline.
  7. Hello. I'm wondering if its possible to extend the width alloted to text on poster carts. Below you can see whats happening to my image.
  8. Hello. I was looking at peoples sites in the feedback section, and alot of people have really beautiful photos and artwork! I was wondering where does everyone get these pictures taken and artwork made? On some freelance website like fiverr? Or somewhere else?
  9. Hello. I find it wonderful that I can link to pages within my website instead of just having to use URLs. However, this feature doesnt seem to extend to pages that are projects within a portfolio. I have many portfolio "project" pages, and I'd like to be able to link to them just like I do any other page on my website, by linking to the page rather than the URL for the page. Is this possible? I dont believe it is but I'd like to double check either way. If not, I hope this feature gets added! Some of my links become innactive over time, and when I get a new URL for my website I'll have to go through and edit every single hyperlink thats using URLs instead of pages to redirect the user to said pages. It will be quite time consuming.
  10. Hello! I have two questions that I need help with. Firstly, I've got a discord logo that I used custom css to obtain, acquired from another forum post somewhere, but it was a little too complicated for me to follow beyond what I just have. Here's a picture of what I've got. I'd like to make it white and match the other logos I have. And, not necessary, if possible, I know theres a discord logo thats JUST the logo in the middle, not the whole box around it. If possible is it doable to just have that logo? so its bigger? But mostly I just want the logo to be white. Secondly, I've struggled alot with link underlines since code was changed a few months ago on squarespace. I have waay more custom css than what's actually needed, but no code seems to be really giving me a website-wide removal of link underlines. Here's my issue atm - I have no underlines under links on 90% of things - Some things (Like the picture below of an inline picture with text below) have links - only bold text do not have link underlines. Regular text has underlines (Here's a photo of an inline photo with text beneath it. I previously said that only bold text doesn't have underline links, regular text does, well thats not the case for inline photo texts with links) Basically, i just want no underline links if possible, on anything. Here's the code I currently have, which is quite a mess, and I'm pretty sure is 10x longer than it needs to be. .item-pagination { display:none !important; } .sqs-block-html a { text-decoration: none !important; }.sqs-block-html a { background-image: none !important; }/* begin change social icon to discord */ .header-actions--right .header-actions-action--social .icon:nth-of-type( 2 ), /* desktop */ .header-menu-actions .header-menu-actions-action--social:nth-of-type( 2 ) /* mobile */ { background-image: url( https://cdn4.iconfinder.com/data/icons/logos-and-brands/512/91_Discord_logo_logos-512.png ); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 110%; } .header-actions--right .header-actions-action--social .icon:nth-of-type( 2 ) svg, /* desktop */ .header-menu-actions .header-menu-actions-action--social:nth-of-type( 2 ) svg /* mobile */ { display: none; } /* end change social icon to discord */ // Remove Hyperlink Line - v7.1 // .sqs-block-html a { text-decoration: none !important; background-image: none !important; }
  11. Additionally, one partial fix to this is I can just eyeball it with the pull down option but this isn't really a permanent solution, and is just more tedious than anything. Everything will be slightly unaligned, and with how many photos I use, and how extensive my website is, this will just cause me unnecessary hours of work for a feature that was very simple and working perfectly just a few days ago. Even worse, I'll just have to redo all of it once the feature is fixed anyways. I don't mean to bump my own post, but it's been 4 days and no ones responded. I haven't really been able to work on my website for 3 days when things aren't aligning properly. Editing photos, for example to be 1:1, doesn't seem to work anymore. It only stretches the image to the sides. This is seen in the original post most notably with the sun. In photo 1 the sun is 1:1 and stretched, and in photo 2 its still 1:1, but sizing properly with the rest of the photos.
  12. Hello. I'm trying to line up images together, all of which I edit to be 1:1 ratio. However, for some reason they're all coming out different sizes and shapes. This was working fine for the past 3 days straight, and today I can't get it to work at all. Here's an image of what I'm talking about. The first photo is what's happening to me today, and the second photo is one example of what I've been doing for the past few days, uninterrupted. Example of past few days:
  13. Even after using the codes provided in this chat, that remove the link underlines, they still appear on mobile. Infact, they totally replace my text underlines, and replace them with the skiny link underlines.
  14. Hello. My question is a very simple one. I'm just trying to add this code: a:link { text-decoration: none; } The code works, and the underline under links is removed. However, as soon as the page is refreshed, the line comes back. Everytime I open the CSS editor though, the lines vanish as soon as the editor opens. Here are two pictures. One has the link underline, the other does not. The effects of the code do not appear to be saving when the page is reopened, hence the return of the underline. Additionally, is it possible to remove the extra space provided by the link underline? It pushes down the main underline further from the words. This is fine for now, but if possible, I'd like to know how to make that not be the case for future reference.
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