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    Piebie got a reaction from JazmineWynn in The elephant in the room? Every squarespace site seems to be slow loading and/or has flickering? Why isn't this solved? How to solve this manually?   
    What's wrong with Squarespace? Every Squarespace site seems to be slow loading and/or has flickering? Why isn't this solved?
    I've reached out to CS, they eventually confirmed that it's a Squarespace issue that has been flagged to engineering, but no date when this will ever get solved. 
    I've read blogs online of Squarespace Circle members about how to solve this issue but their owns sites have the same problem.

    Page loading, page speed, flickering, feedback, complaints, are not even a tag options. 

    Is there a way to solve this manualy?  
    Squarespace 7.1 My images are not too big I don't use CSS Ideally I don't want a website with animation to cover up the flickering and slow loading P.S. I've been invited to take a Squarespace survey. Great, time to give feedback... Not really, the survey is all about Squarespace's positioning, just 1 question about client experience, not even the question if current clients would recommend them to friends, family, etc. 
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    Piebie reacted to Ludmilla in Introduce your business!   
    I'm an artist and interface designer. I love creating whimsical, surreal art pieces. I can do whatever I want to do without having a client looking over my shoulder. I'm moving my art work here on Squarespace but in the meantime you can visit my Etsy shop. more art you buy less I will have to move 🙂 . Have a lovely day. Onward!

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    Piebie reacted to amirneta in Site speed   
    I'm looking to improve the site speed, especially on Mobile. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you !
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    Piebie reacted to adincampbell in Custom css Flickering   
    The problem seems to go away when using Flex Site-wide animation. Could this be an issue with the site-wide animation conflicting with the portfolio?
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    Piebie reacted to HomeStudios in Flicker Issue   
    Hey there! 

    We have a flicker issue with the second image overlapping our first image on the homepage, which causes a quick flicker. We tried a few ways to troubleshoot with a delay code, re-uploading images, checking image size and format, setting Design>Site animations to none, etc. Is there a specific way to tackle this to get rid of the flicker?

    The first image is in "Gallery" format vs. the following images are manually uploaded given that we wanted the first image to be full bleed with the header. This combination seemed to be the only way to visually achieve our format, but could also be causing the flicker. Would appreciate if there is a specific troubleshoot approach that could resolve this - thanks! 
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    Piebie reacted to LouiseDrever in What might make a site glitchy?   
    Site URL: https://www.birminghamearlyyearsnetworks.org/
    Hey all,

    I just started a temporary retainer for a public organisation with a site built in 7.1.

    I've not done a huge amount of work on it yet because each time I try, the site crashes! Squarespace doesn't seem to have any problems today, so I'm wondering what, if anything, can make a site particularly glitchy? And if there's anything I can do to help it.

    Thank you! 
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    Piebie reacted to Reubenatrix in Some pages flickering and looking "jumpy" when loading   
    Did this get fixed? Or they just decided to ignore you...?
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    Piebie reacted to nicbrancato in Some pages flickering and looking "jumpy" when loading   
    Yep, here is a video I made on mobile , but the same sorts of things happen on desktop. You can see things like background images jumping into the right place, text appearing first and then moving to fit around images, quick flashes of things before they settle into the animation, etc. 
    Thank you for your help!
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    Piebie reacted to nicbrancato in Some pages flickering and looking "jumpy" when loading   
    I'm not exactly sure. It seems like when some of the pages load, the background image might jump from an incorrect place into the right one, or the header shifts from a wrong spot into the right spot before running through the proper animation. It all happens very quickly, right when a page loads.
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    Piebie reacted to willrothco in Website Has a Cart Page, How Do I Remove It?   
    The SEO tool I am using is showing a Cart url which is not in my sitemap but I can't seem to find any settings in the admin to turn it off or remove the page from the site.
    The URL: https://www.dropmedia.tv/cart
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    Piebie reacted to paul2009 in Website Has a Cart Page, How Do I Remove It?   
    See also this thread:
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    Piebie reacted to Realitii in Flashing Help Screen   
    I'm having this issue, too. On latest version of Firefox. Tried
    -Disabling all extensions
    -Changing privacy settings
    -Whitelisting support.squarespace.com 
    -Hardware Acceleration is off already, also tried Recommended Performance Settings
    I'm on Windows 11 with latest updates and latest NVIDIA Graphics Driver.
    Had to install and use ...gulp...Google Chrome, for now. Anyone figure out what to do? I'd really prefer to use Firefox but have multiple clients that use Squarespace. I additionally had the page editor randomly sign me out. 
    Any help would be so appreciated.
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    Piebie reacted to SpinCharm in Flashing Help Screen   
    December 24th 2023, using Firefox 121 on Ubuntu 22.  If I use support.squarespace.com it loops exactly as documented above.  An example URL is  https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205814348-Displaying-files-on-your-site
    I was able to read the web page I wanted if I opened the link in a private browsing tab.
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    Piebie reacted to MynameisJen in Flashing Help Screen   
    I think I already know the answer but I would like to know if anyone has heard anything constructive from Squarespace on this?
    I'm setting up a site for the first time and tbh it's really discouraging to see that they haven't taken this issue more seriously. I'm not really excited about getting into a business relationship with a company that basically makes their only customer support channel unusable, so if this isn't something they plan to fix I need to reevaluate my plans for my site.
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    Piebie reacted to salguod in Flashing Help Screen   
    I've contacted support about this issue in Firefox for Windows back in July via Twitter DM. They said they're working on it. Today, it's still happening and they said they can't reproduce it, so please use another supported browser or private browsing in Firefox.  I tried disabling acceleration, no dice, and disabling all plugins, also no dice.  Using private browsing works and Chrome or Edge also work, but I prefer Firefox.
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    Piebie reacted to JJYCRV in Flashing Help Screen   
    Is this problem really just going to be ignored? Visiting a support page, such as:
    DNS records for connecting third-party domains – Squarespace Help Center
    Causes the page to continuously reload in Firefox endlessly. And no, turning off hardware acceleration is not an acceptable answer. Designing your website to only function on Chromium based browsers is extremely bad form for any website, but when you are a web host yourself, this is just unacceptable. Is this problem actually being looked at or worked on by anyone? Thanks.
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    Piebie reacted to billfalls in Flashing Help Screen   
    Having the same problem with the Help Center refreshing about once a second and no menus or other links responding to a click. I turned off "Use hardware acceleration when available" in Firefox settings but it only made the screen refresh intervals a bit shorter and uneven.
    I tried emailing support but an automated reply told me to use the Help Center or chat (in the Help Center!) instead. Catch-22.
    The screen refresh pushes out the following URL: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/es/signin?return_to=https%253A%252F%252Fsupport.squarespace.com%252Fhc%252Fes%252Fsignin%253Freturn_to%253Dhttps%25253A%25252F%25252Fsupport.squarespace.com%25252Fhc%25252Fes (yes, that's the Spanish-language Help Center, a separate issue that appeared a couple of years back).
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    Piebie reacted to andrea_beehive in Adjust content width for a list section – make narrower on desktop   
    Thanks Creedon – I am actually sorted now! 🙂
    I was provided a css solution by a lovely facebook group.
    I'll share it here incase useful to anyone else:
    /*decrease list section width */
    data section ID here {
          padding-left: 10vw ;
          padding-right: 10vw;
    I made it apply to desktop only by wrapping it in CSS query:
    @media screen and (min-width:768px) { paste CSS code here. }
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    Piebie reacted to luminescentdreams in How can I hide or tweak a vertical line in the mobile version?   
    Hi @byandreavaldes (and anyone else who stumbles upon this forum post), I have a slightly different solution to this problem that doesn't involve code (as long as your Squarespace site is on 7.1 Fluid Engine)! 
    Instead of adding vertical lines with code, I like to upload a graphic of a vertical line (that I created in Canva) on desktop view and then hide it behind an image or shape on mobile view (so that it doesn't show up). 
    ✨ Here's a tutorial video explaining exactly how to do it: 

    Thanks so much & let me know if this helped! 

    Alyssa Parr 
    Squarespace Expert & CEO of Luminescent Dreams | Tutorials | Templates | Portfolio
    👩‍💻 Hire me to build or edit your website: VIP Days | Custom Web Design
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    Piebie reacted to Lesum in How can I hide or tweak a vertical line in the mobile version?   
    @byandreavaldes To hide the vertical line on mobile, you can try adding this code snippet under Custom CSS pan
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .vertical-line { display: none !important; } } To transform the vertical line to a horizontal one on mobile, you can try adding this code snippet:
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .vertical-line { -webkit-transform: rotate(90deg) !important; -moz-transform: rotate(90deg) !important; -o-transform: rotate(90deg) !important; -ms-transform: rotate(90deg) !important; transform: rotate(90deg) !important; } }
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    Piebie reacted to TheRecruiter in How to find and delete /cart page?   
    Anyone come up with a fix ? I'm having the same issue
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    Piebie reacted to nnk in How to find and delete /cart page?   
    Having same issue!
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    Piebie reacted to dmhancock17 in How to find and delete /cart page?   
    Having the same issue. Seems ridiculous that we can't delete it somehow. 
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    Piebie reacted to TheKiln in How to find and delete /cart page?   
    Was there any further answers on this issue? We are facing the same problem.
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