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  1. We figured it out. We had added some formula data in other columns to the right of the form data but extending below the existing entries. Squarespace was adding the new data in rows after that, so it was down off screen. Not broken, just not visible. 😁
  2. Hello, I have a form on my site for registering for an event for our church. It was working fine and recording entries into a Google Spreadsheet. I recently added a Zapier connection to auto respond to folks who register and now the form is no longer recording entries into my spreadsheet. It still shows as linked, but is not recording data. When editing the form block, my options are "Replace spreadsheet" or "disconnect". I'm afraid to choose either because it's not clear what happens to the existing data if I do. Most important is getting the data recording again, ideally to the same spreadsheet, but a new one is OK too as long as I don't loose the old data. How do I re-connect this to my existing spreadsheet so entries are recorded again?
  3. I've contacted support about this issue in Firefox for Windows back in July via Twitter DM. They said they're working on it. Today, it's still happening and they said they can't reproduce it, so please use another supported browser or private browsing in Firefox. I tried disabling acceleration, no dice, and disabling all plugins, also no dice. Using private browsing works and Chrome or Edge also work, but I prefer Firefox. Sigh.
  4. I want to add a YouTube video as a top image on a blog post. If I use the video block, I can add the YT link and it works, but it fills he page width and therefore the entire screen. I want to embed it smaller so that the first few lines of the blog post text is still visible when the page loads. I can use an embed block and YT embed code and the video embeds smaller, but it's left justified and not centered. I tried using spacer blocks to center it but the embed block doesn't seem to be tied to the video width so I can't center it. The spacers on each side are the same size but the embed block is narrower than the video, so the video ends up off center. I tried this in Firefox and Chrome with the same results. BTW, why is it so difficult to add a video or image that isn't the full post width and keep it centered? For all hype about Squarespace being easy, this simple thing is much too difficult. Or maybe I'm just making it difficult, but everything I've read says that you can't simple center things, you've got to add spacers to each side. And then, there's no way other than visually to actually make the spacers the same width. Edit: I managed to fudge the LH spacer width to visually center the video. Still harder than it ought to be.
  5. I access my site's editor by using my URL +/config and logging in. Squarespace, however, then revers that to a squarespace.com subdomain URL (color-color-gibberish.squarespace.com) and all the links in my site then use that subdomain URL while I'm editing. This makes it difficult to capture true page URLs to add to my posts and pages. Is there a way to make it use my actual URL?
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