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  1. Hi @tuanphan Thanks so much for your follow up. I think that could work, IF, we can add code to HIDE the secondary navigation on desktop, then add code to only show the secondary navigation in the mobile menu. Willing to try it if it's not too much work. Let me know. And again Thank You 🙂
  2. @tuanphan The url is katemitchell.design - Brine 7.0 - the above code from IX did not work, but may have been written for 7.1 (?). I have tried updating the folder name in the css to match my folder name "portfolio" as well as the url slug "uxd-portfolio" and neither have worked. Thanks for your help!
  3. Leopold / @IXStudio I am trying to achieve the same in Square Space 7.0 (Brine) - I pasted the code above into Custom CSS and changed the folder from "free-resources" to "portfolio" for my site's navigation. Is there anything else I need to tweak? Or is there different CSS for 7.0? Or is it not possible in 7.0? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! Here's the URL https://www.fairmarket.delivery/lightbox-new-york-strip I have a lightbox set up for a recipe card. I would like to hide the vertical lines on the mobile version - and would like to reduce the padding to zero on the vertical lines to zero on both versions - here's what I have in custom css - so far - but it's not working. Thank you for your help! /* Vertical Line */ .vertical-line { height: 600px; /* line height */ width: 1px; /* line width */ background: #000000; /*line colour*/ border-collapse: collapse !important; padding: 0em !important; } /* Hide vertical line */ @media screen and (max-width:640px) { div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1604937282399_6682 { display: none; } }
  5. Hey Tuanphan, I have a similar question - I have created vertical lines on a page I'm using for a lightbox. For mobile - I either need to hide the vertical lines or, change the viewable size of the lightbox for mobile, which I don't think I want to do. Is there an easy fix for this?
  6. Thanks for your help! I went ahead and added that code to header. I had already had the site's owner request the script from font awesome and followed the other steps on this thread. The site isn't published yet, so I'm not able to test the search link. What I'm trying to do now is - 1) since the code for the search icon changed the instagram icon to a "link" icon - is manually add social media to the footer (and not include on navigation bar). 2) replace the cart icon, (I may be able to change from hairline to regular) and replace the word "login" with a user icon, which I want to match with the search icon. 3) in mobile, the search icon shows up on the menu, I was able to move it around on menu, but still cannot test that it works. Ideally, I want the search icon on the nav bar in mobile so that the user can search from any screen they are on. Attaching screenshots Thank you again.
  7. Is there code to place the search icon for mobile on the navigation menu? I'm also hoping I can change Login and the Shopping Cart to font awesome icons so that it all matches. I'm kinda shocked that SquareSpace 7.1 makes it so difficult to have something as simple as search in the main navigation, but I can use any help I can get. Thanks!
  8. Aha. Got it figured out - it's working now that I tripled checked my snippets. Had an extra { which created an error and made nothing work. Thank you for checking in.
  9. Paul, thanks for the response.... I agree with the right side, pop-up being out of place, it does seem they've changed it back to the left. But I'm more concerned about the existing code I've implemented not working anymore on the site. It's all still in my CSS Code box, just doesn't do anything more. Still haven't heard back from SquareSpace.
  10. I'm working on an unpublished site in version 7.1 I've added some snippets of custom css which were showing up on the site just fine until the other day - when I get a pop-up upon entering the site that SS has a new thing called Site Styles, which seemed similar to design but the window along with custom css box opened up out the the right side of my dashboard instead of the left. I checked it out - all of my CSS code is still in there - and I didn't make any changes - but the coding customizations - are no longer showing up in my web site it went back to defaults. I've written Squarespace about this and have yet to hear back but need a fix soon in order to continue working on this project. Thanks for any help.
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