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  1. hey Tuan, sorry - that is the right page, but I have changed that section a bit - it now looks like this: just to confirm its all the text below the names of the seasons, which is the "description" part thanks!
  2. https://bamboo-lime-face.squarespace.com/ Thanks!
  3. hi all- having the same issue, but in the description text of the carousel, which I'd like to be gill-sans-nova. Currently using this code, and while the font-size-value section does change the size of the text, the "font family" bit doesn't seem to be working: .user-items-list-item-container[data-section-id="60ed7b629db072196a22db14"] { --body-font-size-value: 0.9; --body-font-family: 'gill-sans-nova' ! important; } Cheers!
  4. Hey, I could only make this work for background images, rather than standalone, but the way I did it was: edit section > background > add your image > image effect > film grain. Might not be what you're looking for, but hope that helps!
  5. Site URL: https://bamboo-lime-face.squarespace.com/ Hi all! I have two issues, one of which might solve the other! 1: I am trying to stop the Available / Unavailable words on my website from wrapping onto two lines on different screens. this is what it looks like on a laptop full screen (which I like) As you can see, when the screen is smaller - i.e. when I have the Custom CSS section open on my computer - the words wrap onto two lines how do i stop the words from wrapping onto two lines? 2: which might be a workaround for the first, is to make the text sit to the right of the image block - rather than below. I would like to do this for mobile view as well - is this possible? The image block is a "CARD" design, so the text should actually be sitting to the right of the image anyway... im not sure why it isnt! Thanks in advance!
  6. You are the BEST! Thank you so much! Worked perfectly...
  7. Site URL: https://bamboo-lime-face.squarespace.com/ Hi all! Would love some help. I have a rental website and I am showing what dates are available / unavailable with colour coordinating (grey - available; dark green - unavailable). I therefore don't want the fly-out box to appear on hover, as it won't contain any information. is there any nifty code to hide the white flyout / pop up box? In the image below, my mouse is hovering over the number 14 thanks!
  8. anyone able to help? Would be much appreciated! @ItsOK did you find an answer to your 4th problem? And (probably the most difficult one) put a standard to the hover windows. Now, one event opens an overlay that fills two boxes, while the other one fills four. Looks completely random and doesn't make any sense to me. (Please see the images attached)
  9. I'm having this issue with many of the images on my site - all of the headline images, and then certain gallery images COMPUTER VIEW: MOBILE VIEW This affects all headline images. With my gallery, vertical images look fine in mobile view, but there is an automatic zoom / crop on horizontal images COMPUTER VIEW MOBILE VIEW: Any help VERY much appreciated! thanks
  10. so are you saying that there is no way to have a clickable navigation menu (with sub menus) without a business plan? its either: 1: only have one navigation menu (no submenus) 2: pay quite a bit extra per year to have a " business plan " But that's such basic user friendliness! I've never seen a website where you have to hover and then click on sub menu items- thats such a bad format. Disappointing from squarespace!
  11. Is there any way to do this without code injection in 7.1? I don't want to have to pay quite a bit extra for a business plan just to do one thing, but this is really annoying of squarespace to reduce the functionality in what is supposed to be an update. My issue is that for my rental website, I want my link in the main navigation to go to 'Bedrooms' (which shows all of the rooms) and the dropdown menu only to show specific rooms (English Room, Ski Room) Currently, the 'Sleeping' tab in the main navigation isn't a link, only a drop down menu, so I have to have a second link 'Sleeping' within the drop down menu, so that people can see all the bedrooms, which looks really stupid. my site is http://bamboo-lime-face.squarespace.com/ Would be super grateful for any advice on this!
  12. Hi, I tried this too with my calendar, but the CSS didn't work. I'm having 3 issues: 1) I want to change the background colour, so that the days that are available are pale grey, while the days which are unavailable are dark grey / black. This is it now: I'd like it to look more like this : 2) I also don't want there to be a pop out when I hover over the day. For some reason, it's a weird rectangular shape that covers two days: if it could be a square, then fine, otherwise I'd rather it just didn't pop up at all. 3) I'd LOVE to make it so that instead of saying unavailable, the day had a line through - something like this: might be too much to hope for. Either way would be SUPER grateful for any help! I've seen quite a few people asking for this kind of stuff, but so far, no one seems to have cracked it (or at least not with code that works for my site - version 7.1) Thanks so much in advance - my site is https://bamboo-lime-face.squarespace.com
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