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  1. Code for Q1 worked perfectly! Thank you so much! ... and no, I couldn't find a solution for Q2.
  2. Hi @tuanphan, Would you mind taking a look at these two last things? Thanks a million!
  3. Site URL: https://www.creativejam.in/ Hello Friends, I've come across this website today, realized that it's built in Squarespace, and wondered how I could use a similar navigation system on my own website, ozankarakoc.com. I managed to use the hamburger icon and the overlay menu thanks to the amazingly helpful people here in this forum, but I wonder how I could; adjust the size of the overlay, align it to a side, change the font properties of the text, add additional text below the menu items, and social media links. Any help would be highly appreciated 😉 Thank you! Ozan
  4. Thank you for all your help @tuanphan! Yes. In a second line, centered below the text fields. (You can see my very first attachment to see the original design) These partially worked but the gap still changes depending on the resolution. In a relatively small screen, it looks great. When I extend the browser window, the gap gets bigger and bigger. Is there a way to fix it so that the space always stays the same?
  5. This is great! Thanks a lot @tuanphan! For others who might benefit from this thread, I've also found this code which allows to change the background color of that overlay: .header-menu-bg {background: #0e0e0e !important;}
  6. Worked like magic! 🙂 Thank you so much!
  7. @tuanphan I can't thank you enough! I really appreciate every second you spend to help. I have a few quick points to clarify if you don't mind: Should I assume that there is technically no way to put the Newsletter button 'below' the text fields, centered? Depending on the screen resolution, two buttons in the Recent Musings section look different. Sometimes they are one-line, sometimes two-lines, and sometimes inconsistent as in the attached image. Is there a way to fix this to one line? Is there a way to close the gap between those two buttons?
  8. Site URL: https://goby-icosahedron-jc2m.squarespace.com/ Hi Folks, Is it possible to invert the logo color on all event pages? I tried everything I found but couldn't do it. https://goby-icosahedron-jc2m.squarespace.com/category-2-events/event-five-28h29-kp58c/ -- Password: circle20 -- Business Plan Thank you! Ozan
  9. Site URL: https://goby-icosahedron-jc2m.squarespace.com/ Hello Friends! I'm trying to implement my design (attached) to Squarespace in the best way possible and I have a few quick questions. Here is the link, and password is circle20. I'm on the Business Plan. Any help would be very much appreciated 🙂 -- In ‘Upcoming Events’; Can I move the date a few pixels away from the event title? In ‘Recent Musings’; Can I set a different button style? (Black text on all white) Can I make two buttons closer to each other? In ‘Faura Newsletter’; Can I align text to left? Can I change the text color from grey to black? Can I move the button down the newsletter and center it? And finally, can I reformat the Sign Up button so that it matches the button at the top (under the cover image)? Right under the cover image, Can I make the text ('What is Faura?') upside-down (as in the original design) without using an image? Thank you so much in advance! All the best, Ozan
  10. Site URL: http://www.ozankarakoc.com Hello Friends! (My website is at www.ozankarakoc.com and I'm in the Business Plan.) Thanks to an earlier post, I achieved to force the hamburger menu to show up on desktop, but I couldn't find a way to format the overlay that opens when clicking the hamburger menu icon. The font size is too big that, when I place all my menu items, a scroll bar shows up, which looks unprofessional. Is there a way to make the font smaller or reduce the line spacing so that all the navigation items fit in the overlay? Thanks in advance! Ozan
  11. Thank you so much dear tuanphan. Should I assume that it's not technically possible to change the font size for all of the days (even the ones without events) in the calendar, the color of the boxes of all days, and standardize the size and position of the overlays?
  12. It's there actually, if you scroll down a bit.
  13. Site URL: https://goby-icosahedron-jc2m.squarespace.com/events Hi Folks, I have a few questions about the calendar customization in 7.1. Here is the page I'd like to display my calendar: https://goby-icosahedron-jc2m.squarespace.com/events (password: circle) I'd like to be able to: Change the background color of the boxes (days). Now, it's too subtle that on some screens it's almost impossible to understand the tone difference. Change the event date tag color (now white) Make the font size of the days larger And (probably the most difficult one) put a standard to the hover windows. Now, one event opens an overlay that fills two boxes, while the other one fills four. Looks completely random and doesn't make any sense to me. (Please see the images attached) Thank you so much in advance for your help. Best, Ozan
  14. Thank you so much tuanphan. It just worked!
  15. (I thought there is not a way to share a private page in trial mode, but making it password protected just worked 🙂) Here is the link: https://goby-icosahedron-jc2m.squarespace.com/events Password: aaa Thanks!
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