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  1. Thanks @tuanphan and @jordandaniellet for this post! I managed to get the 1 column working using both of these :) Would it be possible to adjust the width as well? I reduced margin between the images to 5px and I would like it if left/right uses the same margin. I tried adjusting the width parameter(s) but I can't center the thing :) If anyone wants to check: https://roadrunner-elephant-4rfm.squarespace.com/posters (pw elephant)
  2. Nope. I tried finding a class that the image itself responds to, but no luck yet.
  3. Site URL: https://roadrunner-elephant-4rfm.squarespace.com/ I'm looking to change the padding between images inside the same image block. password: elephant With CSS I managed to get the padding right for my image block galleries (site wide). Now I can control the height of an image, combine blocks stacked and side by side, and the page converts nicely on mobile. It would be perfect if I can also get the same padding for multiple images in the same image block because it's still easier than adding a new block for each. https://roadrunner-elephant-4rfm.squarespace.com/w
  4. Another massive design flaw in 7.1. I must be wrong but it seems as if Squarespace is shifting it's focus to more regular websites, online businesses and such. As an artist portfolio site there are some very basic, essential options missing. Not being able to control the height of a portrait image in your gallery being another one.
  5. Artists & designers want to be in creative control over how their work is presented. Some of these (in my eyes) very obvious and basic principles have yet to be implemented by Squarespace for 7.1. Anyways, the image blocks are full bleed. For a moment I was hopeful it's possible to add the original image as a background and use a transparent png in front of it to keep a height, but the background looks cropped. DIdn't spend much time on it so you could try yourself.
  6. yeah I tried that as well. Yesterday I had good results on desktop using individual image blocks. The site is not live but I made some screenshots for comparison: Page as a gallery block: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0i0kzn3lbrd7x2/galleryblock01.jpg?dl=0 and https://www.dropbox.com/s/my8tkxufopn19jt/galleryblock02.jpg?dl=0 As in dividual image blocks: https://www.dropbox.com/s/49ek5bgzrx7fuzg/imageblocks01.jpg?dl=0 and https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ae3czrkyzofd0u/imageblocks02.jpg?dl=0 The image blocks don't look good on mobile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o16yp3fdxejwldw/m
  7. I can't wait to find a solution to this! It's the only thing that's keeping me from moving to 7.1 now. I have many projects that are portrait and in my opinion it's really important to be able to first show a work it it's entirety, not a 3rd of it. I've seen suggestions like put a spacer both sides of your image in your gallery block, but you can't put a spacer next to just one image. The whole thing moves 🙂 Another suggestion (from support) is to use blank pages and add for every image a new block. Yes then it works! You can change width of your portrait image. It will take ag
  8. +1 I love this template but the scrolling can get annoying when you have lots of portrait images in a gallery: https://www.christophvoorn.com/posters It would be so nice if it's possible to left/right multiple images on screen. Using the arrows (keyboard or button) it's basically the same as moving through the images in a lightbox. It feels really slow outside of said box 🙂
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