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  1. We just received the email today that Stripe "Afterpay" is now integrated and available. However, the fees fall on the SELLER! Not the customer. Jumping from 3% to 6% is completely unmanageable for a small business. My understanding is that PayPal's "pay in 4" option charges the customer for for the line of credit, not the retailer. Which makes sense. Can anyone add to this?
  2. Does anyone know of an update here? The PayPal "pay in 4" feature is increasingly important to our small business. We are considering a move to Shopify who does offer this feature. I can't get any movement or meaningful update from SquareSpace regarding this at all. In this economy, features like this can be make or break.
  3. I'm commenting to so I can follow this. We are in the same situation and request that Flodesk be incorporated into SquareSpace!
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