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  1. It appears tha javascript used with SS is the most heaviest. In my audit (SEOOptimizer), the js came as the culprit slowing down the pages (I don't use any custom js except for accordation).
  2. Thanks. I haven't added any javascripts (except Google analytics) and so, I guess the only thing to do is to wait on SS. Yes, it's frustrating 😞 They need to keep up with the search engines.
  3. Site URL: https://www.akrogoniaios.com/ Hi, I am auditing my website to improve SEO. In all the audits using diffferent tools (Lighthouse, SEO Optimizer, SEMRush, it keeps saying that my website performance is slow. But, SS is a bespoke SaaS product. Do you have any idea how to do this?
  4. Hi Paul, I will check in few hours and update. Appreciate your quick response.
  5. Also, is it possible to change the sender name on the order confirmation email from Squarespace to my company?
  6. Thanks, this is the link to the order confirmation page. https://www.akrogoniaios.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=602713f2816e3f318786cae2&authCode=NjAyNzEzZjI4MTZlM2YzMTg3ODZjYWUyOjIwMjEtMDItMTJUMjM6NDk6MDYuMjg2WpjI_ZiEIDjUSM0gtN8xn0s84re7u9c4B54NVNiTH2mt Also is there a way to template (e.g. bring more information about the product that is bought, or add instructions) tha page?
  7. I want to make sure the customers enter a valid email for downloading some of the free product. When I let them download the products (free products are in exchange for a review within 30 days) directly (without validating their email), I have no way of contacting them for the review. However, if I provide download option to the product using an email, I can make sure I got the right email to contact them after few days (plus few marketing emails around tips to use my product) to get a review. let me know if this makes sense.
  8. Hi, I need this feature as well. To extend the download link beyond the 24 hours (72 hours), and if possible, set a password (password protected link) and send another email with the password.
  9. Site URL: https://www.akrogoniaios.com/ I have setup a custom form (Product form) to collect some information, and collect a survey response before downloading (or buying) the digital product. How do I connect this form data to a storage such as Zapier or Mailchip?
  10. I want to offer digital downloads. I have created the product as digital, uploaded the compressed files, custom forms workflow and checkout process. Now when someone completes the workflow, it provides the link to download directly (and also email with the download link). Is there a way to disable showing the download link and retain the download link via email?
  11. Hello, How do I prevent showing the digital files online and instead allow the digital files to be sent over emails only? Also, if there a way to extend the email expiry (currently its 24 hours).
  12. It's the same here, it shows Updating your cart and then nothing happens. When I refresh after 5-10 minutes, it shows the original checkout screen. I have tested this on 3 browsers and it's all the same.
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