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  1. Hey thanks! That website did help a bit - I love that you can tweak the output! Mystery solved! My Photoshop doc was one of my print files so thank you so much - huge DUH moment for me!! 🙂 I had tried the brightness value too with no luck, but the CMYK mode is the culprit!
  2. Hello! Newbie here - I'm on the Avenue template and it looks like I don't have the 'Color' menu from 'Design.' I'm trying to change text color with site styles, but the HSL values I'm inputting from Photoshop are consistently showing really washed out colors. I've also tried using color-hex.com but nothing that I input is showing the right color. I also tried the input that Photoshop displayed with 'only web colors' checked. What am I missing here? I'm definitely not a web or graphic designer! 🙂 Thanks so much!
  3. Thank you both - incredibly helpful! I was just using the default pages that came with the Avenue template, so I'll be sure to get a little more creative. 🙂
  4. Site URL: https://www.marykatemcdevitt.com/work#/part-of-the-progress/ Hello, hello! I am super new to Squarespace with no experience building a website. (Sorry if the terminology is off, this clearly isn't my day job! 😜) I really love how this website is set up and I'd like to kinda follow her example to set up my own content. I am curious - is this an example of a default gallery page? And is this a custom page that's been set up with the various blocks? Is there something I can look at in the code to see how a page is setup? I'm also starting with the Avenue template.
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