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  1. Hi Thanks for the repsonse. This makes it look better but not perfect – I think this is just off-setting the scroll by 90px above where the text is? Each section on the page is set to the 'large' section height in squarespace, which from what I can see makes it fill the browser window top to bottom – regardless of how big the window is (I might be wrong about this). So when it scrolls, I want it to hit that section exactly at the top, so that it fills the whole screen, and doesn't have a bit of the section above or below showing – as in the attached images. It might not be possible I guess, but I would love it to be!
  2. Site URL: https://www.botisseva.com/about The 'about' section of this website is very long, so I added arrow buttons at the bottom of each section to take you to the section below. I did this by adding the relevant section ID to each button and then enabled smooth scrolling with this: html { scroll-behavior: smooth; } I'm fairly happy with how it works, except that when it scrolls down it lines up with the text in the section, rather than the top of the section itself, which doesn't look as good (so basically there is no margin at the top). Does anyone know how to make it line up with the top of the section? A second question – is there additonal code i can add to control the speed of the scroll?
  3. I would also like the social media icons to be centre aligned on mobile if possible?
  4. Site URL: https://www.matthodgesdesign.com/ Is it possible to add simple image rollover effects to a grid gallery in 7.1? All I want for the image to change to a second image on mouse/cursor hover, and then change back on hover off (preferably with a smooth transition). Clearly this isn't possible with the standard controls, but wondering if possible using CSS and custom files? I've been searching online (and on here) and not found the answer, which is surprising in that I would have thought this would be a sought after feature. On my site I have added a simple brightness hovereffect to the images which gives it some interactivity. But preferably I would find away to change to a second image on mouse hover.
  5. Throughout my site, I have sections like this where there appears to be more padding around certain certain secitions than others. All sections have a height setting of 'small'. I would like to know if it's possible to reduce this padding globally? I know there's not a setting for it, but can it be done with a simple CSS command? I would rather not have to write code for each block I want to adjust (but will if I have to!)
  6. Hi – this is the site: https://www.matthodgesdesign.com/ I would like for the image gallery on the homepage to collapse to a single column in mobile view. There are other galleries on the site that I want this to happen for too, and some that I don't – so is there code I can target to specific pages? Thanks!
  7. I should add that this issue is site-wide, not just on this particular page (though it looks the worst here, as the source line is quite long).
  8. Site URL: https://corn-algae-x23x.squarespace.com/our-story?p https://corn-algae-x23x.squarespace.com/our-story?p I'm having an issue with the line height of my quote source text. I want it to be the same as the paragraph text above – I have made the values the same, but you can see the line height is much bigger for the quote source line (and doesn't look good...) My paragraph 1 is set to 1.5rem with a line height of 1.5em – I have set the same values for the quote source, but it still looks different. I have attempted to correct/override it by adding custom CSS, but that didn't work either so I have removed that. Seems like it might be a bug with this site, as I have not had this issue on other sites I have created. Any thoughts would be welcome.
  9. I came here wirth the same problem – I have an image gallery (with three images across) that goes to two across in mobile view, which doesn't look good. I just want it to be a single coloumn of images in mobile view. I tried the above CSS but nothing changed? Image attached.
  10. Site URL: https://www.crxssplatfxrm.com The navigation on my site runs onto two lines, even when it appears there is plenty of space for it to stay on one line. I guess there is some kind of padding at the sides – how can I remove this? I would prefer that the navination never went to two lines, and if the screen wifth isn't wide enough it would go straight to the burger menu. Is that possible?
  11. Hi – thanks for the reply. Your first suggestion was not an option to me as I don't have a premium plan, but I did manage to get the second option to work, so thanks very much.
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