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  1. Yeah, so what I mean is I want to have full control over what shows up for the pagination instead of it being automatically generated by my page titles. So, for example: On my website, I have a page titled "Science Policy Initiative (Web & Brochure Design)." I'd like that to stay titled that way, but I would like its corresponding pagination to instead read as "Science Policy Initiative." I suspect it is possible with quite a bit of coding - but I'm obviously not sure.
  2. I'm also experiencing this issue, with one particular cover image for one of my portfolio pieces. It stays for a while, but then later I come back and it's empty. When looking at my portfolio pages, it shows no image has even been uploaded - even though it's been uploaded multiple times already. Don't really understand why it disappears after some time.
  3. Thanks for this! This is a great temporary fix, although if it's possible to create completely custom pagination titles, I'd still like to know how to do that. Essentially, I'm looking for a way to shorten the page titles ONLY for the pagination (not on my landing page). Or if that's not possible here, that'd just be great to know 🙂
  4. Site URL: https://beccalam.com Hey everyone, I'm looking for some help in creating custom pagination for each project on my site. Right now, I have my portfolio pieces labeled in a way that you can see what area of design they're part of when you hover on the landing page, but I don't want to see that additional information in the pagination titles. I've seen some custom CSS to make it "Previous" and "Next," but I like having the titles - it's just currently too much to put for pagination. Some of it clashes together on mobile. Photo below of the site on mobile - in the photo, for example, I'd like the titles to instead be "COVID-19" and "Science Policy Initiative." But again, I don't want to change those titles for the actual pages themselves. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello! I'm new to using Squarespace, but multiple searches have come up empty in relevance to my issue: I'm on Squarespace 7.1 and I'd like to change the aspect ratio being used on my image in my Image Block. The design it's in is 'Inline.' I tried cropping the image on my own and re-uploading so it already had the desired aspect ratio, but once I hit 'Save' it just reverts back to a narrower aspect ratio. I looked in 'Image Blocks' under 'Design' to see if I could adjust it here, as suggested by the official Squarespace help pages, but there's nothing here about 'Inline' - and there's nothing about aspect ratios, either. The only adjusting I see on the actual image itself is going into 'Image Editor,' where it does allow me to crop to a desired aspect ratio, but still reverts to the same unwanted ratio when I hit 'Save.' Please help! Becca
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