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  1. Thanks, Tuanphan. It worked! Just changed the context-menu for default to get the simple arrow rather than the arrow with displaying menu.
  2. www.don-viajes.com/quien-soy Password: 12345 Thanks!
  3. Hi, I've used the carousel block gallery for my page, designed on Brine template. Even though the images have no links (clickthrough URL), the cursor changes to pointer on hover. I'd like to have the cursor to keep its default arrow mode, rather than changing to the hand pointer. Tried some codes I found online but they don't seem to work. The page is still private, but am hoping this image helps to illustrate the issue: Any help with custom CSS code to keep the cursor as an arrow would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!
  4. @tuanphan I'm having similar issues. Hope you can help me... My logo is set to 600px by default in order for a scrolling effect to happen. Since I only need the logo to be that big for the scrolling effect in my homepage, I've injected this code in every single page but the homepage: <style> .Header-branding { max-width: 190px; max-height: 190px; } </style> I can't find a way to inject the code in the search and search result pages. I'm having a hard time because without it, the logo is huge and I cannot see the "no results" message n
  5. I'm trying to customize my search result page on Brine template and can't find a way around it. I need to inject this custom code in the search and search result pages: <style> .Header-branding { max-width: 190px; max-height: 190px; } </style> If someone knows a way... I'd be super thankful.
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