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  1. How can RECAPTURE Pop-Up ADVERTISING be Removed? Hi, Does anyone know how to remove the new RE-CAPTURE pop-up ads? Does anyone know the HTML CODE to stop these advertisements from appearing on our Squarespace websites? One keeps appearing on our website - it started a couple of weeks ago. I believe they are GOOGLE advertisements for one of their brands Many thanks for your support, Kindest Regards Chris 🙂
  2. Thank You SOOO MUCH Tuanphan. Mine is now fixed but your help is greatly appreciated - I thought there was no help on this matter until I didscovered this chat. You are all wonderful, helpful people. Just wanted to say THANKS to everyone! LUV Squarespace and it is SOOOO GOOD there are likeminded people helping others for free. Cheers Chris
  3. Hello, Does anyone know how to the new Squarespace notice from our Newsblocks. The new notices look terrible on our websites. I am trying to remove the notice that says 'THIS WEBSITE IS PROTECTED BY GOOGLE and RECAPTURE..." Many Thanks 🙂
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