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  1. Unfortunately Bradley the silence speaks volumes - it's simply not possible to achieve any level of depth with the subscriptions offered by SquareSpace. It's bare bones functionality and from what I can gather through extensive reading and research, it has been like this from the start. Despite numerous requests from customers either here in the forums or directly via support requests, and promises of requests being passed to the new features development team, it seems that commerce is not going to be SquareSpace's focus. We've had a look at a number of possible workarounds using SquareS
  2. Site URL: https://www.lakelandlights.co.uk/ Hi everyone, We have a commerce website and so far the commerce functionality has been fine for our needs. We are looking to expand our product ranges soon and as part of that one product range will be offered as a monthly subscription service to customers. We have spent some time looking into this and know that the functionality within SquareSpace is pretty limited i.e. you can offer monthly subscriptions but there's no way to edit billing cycles or similar. We would like to be able to set up subscriptions as follows for example:
  3. Oh boy, I'm currently trying to get SquareSpace to consider more discount features (multibuys etc) but we are also looking at starting a subscription service for a product line we have coming and reading this doesn't fill me with confidence. I already knew about the limitations regarding needing separate product pages for subscriptions and one time purchases (or even different subscriptions 1, 3 or 6 monthly) but I hadn't even thought about the limitation around subscription dates. We very much want to send out our products once per month to all subscribers but having come across this thr
  4. Just a quick update - the external coder I contacted about this confirms that there's no CSS workaround for the discount functionality being discussed here, despite SquareSpace suggesting this route to me. I have been pointed to consider Shopify Buy and link products from there back to the SquareSpace site but this of course involves further monthly cost and is a workaround that is not ideal at all.
  5. I have just had a support query answered on this and there isn't any way to offer multi buy/quantity threshold discounts. I'm looking to offer a "buy 3 and get the third for $X" or X% off on our website but there is no way to do this. The benefit of having this as a discount option is the ability to manage inventory effectively so that if people buy 3 of our single products and receive a discount on the third, the single product inventory still gets updated. There was a suggestion to just offer a discount if someone spends over the amount that 3 products cost but unfortunately we ha
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