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  1. Unfortunately Bradley the silence speaks volumes - it's simply not possible to achieve any level of depth with the subscriptions offered by SquareSpace. It's bare bones functionality and from what I can gather through extensive reading and research, it has been like this from the start. Despite numerous requests from customers either here in the forums or directly via support requests, and promises of requests being passed to the new features development team, it seems that commerce is not going to be SquareSpace's focus. We've had a look at a number of possible workarounds using SquareSpace and outside code or payment providers but they're all a fudge and would not scale well with our business. I think we have to face facts and recognise that whilst SquareSpace has a lot to offer when starting out (ease of use, nice design), if you want to scale commercially you are at some point going to need to look at the alternatives who have built platforms from the ground up with ecommerce in mind. On that basis we are now actively looking at migrating over to Shopify which has a massive range of ecommerce apps to meet our subscription needs as well as many other features which should really be part of a SquareSpace's basic commerce offering. I should add that I have had a support reply about this and in essence they've given up on me as a customer (it feels like) by saying we don't support what you need and understand if you want to leave - there's literally not attempt at retention or solutions being offered which suggests to me that they are not planning to add the features I need which is most disappointing. I am yet to see any feature request put through on this forum or directly via support over the years come through as an addition to the platform.
  2. Site URL: https://www.lakelandlights.co.uk/ Hi everyone, We have a commerce website and so far the commerce functionality has been fine for our needs. We are looking to expand our product ranges soon and as part of that one product range will be offered as a monthly subscription service to customers. We have spent some time looking into this and know that the functionality within SquareSpace is pretty limited i.e. you can offer monthly subscriptions but there's no way to edit billing cycles or similar. We would like to be able to set up subscriptions as follows for example: New subscriber signs up before a monthly cut off date (e.g. 24th) and is billed immediately and receives that month's subscription in the post straight away. Thereafter they go onto a monthly billing cycle billed on the 1st of every month and receive their monthly box 2-3 days after. Those joining after the cut off date will be billed immediately but receive next month's subscription box and go onto the monthly billing cycle in the following month. This is ideal for us as it would allow us to manage stock and inventory on a monthly basis with subscription packages being posted out on one set monthly date for the most part (2-3rd of a month). Am I definitely right in saying that SquareSpace does not offer any of this functionality right now? I assume our only option with the current functionality is to receive monthly subscribers ad hoc and post out on different dates each month depending on when they subscribed? As an extreme example, say we had 1,000 subscribers all spread equally in when they signed up over a month meaning we'd be shipping out 33 subscription products each day. This has the potential to be extremely labour intensive if subscriber numbers do grow. Especially if subscription reporting within SquareSpace is relatively limited (which we understand it is). Has anyone had any experience with this situation? We have had a look at external services such as Subbly but they are not very clear in how they'd work if we're honest. We have also looked into potentially having the entire commerce side of our website set up through Shopify, to access the functionality available through apps there, but we'd lose our SquareSpace customer accounts (of which we have many). Do you think we could offer something along the lines of: Subscriber joins between 1-14th of each month - their subscription product will be sent on the 15th Subscriber joins between 15th - end of each month - their subscription product will be sent out on last day of the month This would put things into two monthly shipments BUT our monthly box ends up going out late in a month to subscribers - e.g. our July box goes out end July and ends up being received early August. We'd appreciate any advice we can receive on this as we obviously need to choose an option and stick with as swapping over to something else later in the day won't work for existing subscribers. Many thanks James
  3. Just a quick update - the external coder I contacted about this confirms that there's no CSS workaround for the discount functionality being discussed here, despite SquareSpace suggesting this route to me. I have been pointed to consider Shopify Buy and link products from there back to the SquareSpace site but this of course involves further monthly cost and is a workaround that is not ideal at all.
  4. I have just had a support query answered on this and there isn't any way to offer multi buy/quantity threshold discounts. I'm looking to offer a "buy 3 and get the third for $X" or X% off on our website but there is no way to do this. The benefit of having this as a discount option is the ability to manage inventory effectively so that if people buy 3 of our single products and receive a discount on the third, the single product inventory still gets updated. There was a suggestion to just offer a discount if someone spends over the amount that 3 products cost but unfortunately we have different variants (size) and it wouldn't be able to account for that. They also suggested adding a new separate product that was just the bundle - then buyers could selected the variants from a drop down but this doesn't work in practice as the variants end up being too many to manage AND they don't link up to inventory of the single product pages. This would then mean having to continually update the single product stock level after every 3 product set was bought. I have asked this to be considered as a feature requested but based on the lack of responses on here to these queries that I can see, I don't know if it's a priority. They have finally suggested looked at custom CSS code for this and I'm looking into this now and will report back if I get anything that may work. Similarly if anyone on here can think of a way to create custom CSS to implement these quantity discounts, please let me know!! I know Shopify have their app store with products that offer this functionality - it's a pretty common e-commerce offering to be honest and I was quite surprised SquareSpace didn't have a way to offer it when I went to try and add it. Oh well!
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