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  1. Has there been an answer to this as yet? This seems to pop up again and again with Squarespace and was a reason why I was going to use Shopify. I still would like to know how to do this for a Squarespace site!
  2. Site URL: https://www.arimia.com.au Hi guys, Is there a way to create a discount that is applied to quantities rather than price? I have a wine shop where I want a discount for a mixed case of wine - where the customer adds the bottles into their cart and when the number hits 12 they get a discount. All of the bottles are at different prices, so I can't use the standard discount for total checkout amounts.
  3. Hi guys, Did this ever go any further? I need to apply a discount to quantities on a winery website - there needs to be an option to make a mixed case of wine for 10% off. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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