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  1. Site URL: https://gregmaroney.com/singles I'd like to have a horizontal line between rows because the buy button is below each product but much closer to the row below and mistakes have been made in ordering. I had a blank page and added each product, but then the next/previous option was removed, and if I used breadcrumbs, it took people back to the unlinked collection page. I'm trying to make the collection pages work so I can at least use breadcrumbs (though I'd rather have next/prev back). Thank you .
  2. all I did was add ... to the default and it works fine You Might Also Like...
  3. Taunphan, I found where to hide that category title store settings/ categories/edit/filter visibility/off thank you though for your time I would still like to know if it is possible to have add to cart buttons on a store collection page. Linda
  4. thank you for the reply, but the categories are still there. I have 5 "store collection" pages and 4 have the unwanted category. I can't see a difference anywhere between those 4 and the 5th one, Albums ~ Physical, that doesn't display it. Is it because they aren't h3? Also, is there a way to have add to cart buttons on a store collection page? Thank you
  5. Site URL: https://gregmaroney.com/songbooks I asked this back in march and got an answer that seemed to work. The following code was added at Home->Design->custom css .category-filter-container { display: none; } It turns out that it only works on one store page (albums) but not several others. I don't have a store page that has all products, I set up a separate page for each category, so I don't need/want that single category name taking up room at the top of each page. I tried adding it to each store page, in header code but that didn't work. Any hel
  6. superhanss, it happened before trying that code. I have since removed it and still the problem exists. The third answer from Squarespace was to disable all 250 Add to Cart buttons, so that it would be like a landing page instead. The fourth answer was to say that it was an issue on their end but fixes are made in order of popular demand, so I should change to page for now to only 4 items per row instead of 6, since it may be a long time (if ever) that it is addressed. what I really wanted was a sortable table with 4 columns. 1. Song title 2. Preview image icon for the first pag
  7. This is happening in product blocks. And the buttons are larger than the blocks on one page. How can that even happen? and the code you suggested, you’ll notice above, I already used to no effect. ive tried emailing Squarespace and so far two answers that were completely worthless. One said to check out the design and style tips video and the other that I have custom code, and that might have caused it. The code I tried using to fix it. getting pretty frustrated.
  8. As I said above, I've been to Home/Design/Buttons and there are 3 edits, Stye, Shape and Padding. No size. I know when I first put the site together I found where to change the button size because I have a page with 250 product blocks (I know i is not an ideal layout, wanted a table but alas...). The buttons that changed are now overlapping and making the page confusing and unusable on some formats.
  9. Site URL: https://gregmaroney.com/sheet-music All of my buttons changed size in the last few days. Many are now larger than the product blocks. Design/buttons/ doesn't have size as an editable feature. I know I had made them all smaller when I designed the site, but now can't find where or figure out why it changed on its own. I was researching and found this answer: In HOME>DESIGN>CUSTOM CSS .sqs-add-to-cart-button { width: 50% !important; } but it didn't change anything. Please help, this is making me sweat
  10. Site URL: https://gregmaroney.com/albums I only have one category per store page. I used them so on product detail page, there would be the "You might also like" option. but having the All I Albums adds unnecessary blank space at the top of the page, and it's redundant . I haven't done any custom code addition yet so if you have an answer, please make it a step by step instead of assuming I'm up to speed. Thanks
  11. I have square product images on one product page (cd covers) but would like 2:3 standard (vertical) on a different product page (sheet music). Is that possible? Using 7.1
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