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  1. Hello Tuanphan, thanks for your reply I m still looking for this the website URL is http://avrilkids.com Best regards
  2. Site URL: http://avrilkids.com Hi everyone, on the mobile version of my website, the dropdown menu "Shop" opens on a separated page, you need to click on the shop arrows and then you got the informations of the dropdown menu. I would like all the informations being showed together if it is possible. I put an image of what i tried to achieve in attachement. Could you please help me to do this? Thanks a lot
  3. Hello Tuanphan, the shop categories are in the main menu now (first navigation) in the shop "file", you have "Doudous", "New doudous", "Sales" & "Archives". It looks good on the desktop menu view but not on the mobile menu because you have to click on an arrow to see the categories. I put a printscreen of what i try to achieve in attachement. Thanks again for your help Best regards, Prisca
  4. Hello Tuanphan, thank you for your time! Yes sorry i made a mistake in the URL it is www.avrilkids.com but i have manage to solve the problem in an other way, i have delete the category menu, and uses the categories as links in the main menu, it's better for me like that, the only problem now is that the menu is separated in the mobile version, we have to click on an arrow to see the categories. Do you know how i can solve that? I would like the whole menu to appear together. Thanks for your precious help!!!
  5. Site URL: http://%20avrilkids.com Hi there, i have a webshop on brine and i don't like the way my product gallery looks like on mobile. The slideshow is nice on the desktop version but is not easy to use on mobile and it would be much better if the images where stacked, and it would be really nice if we can put them in two colomns so that we don't need to scroll down too much... Can anyone please help me with this code?
  6. Hello, Tuanphan, i have exactly the same problem but the code doesn't work on my website (www.avrilkids.be). I m using an old brine template too... Please help me Best regards
  7. Hi, when i try this code on my website it works for the menu but all my other content disapear at 768 px, do you know why? I m working with the Brine template. Could you please help me. Thanks
  8. Hi, i have created a custom footer for my email orders and i would like this footer only to appear on the order confirmed and fullfilled emails and not on the refunded order email. Do you know if this is possible? Or do you have any tricks to create different footer for each emails? Could you please help me Thanks a lot
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