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  1. In addition I loaded a "fallback image" and that also did not appear so I do not think there is an issue with the video not being good for viewing, etc.
  2. Site URL: https://www.sensebellum.com/ I really would like to get a video to auto play on my home page. I don't want a cover page. I want to have a page in my index that has a full bleed video auto play. I have no idea why it won't work so I am reaching out for help. I tried pasting the video into the page. I just get a black screen... It even works on a similar website I have but not this one! Any tips? Any more info I can provide? Right now I have a gallery play on the home page. I would like to replace that with a video that plays automatically. Once again, not a cover page, not an embedded "must-click-to-play" kind of thing. But a large auto play video. These have been hot since 2014. Please tell me there is a way. Here is the video:
  3. Site URL: https://www.sensebellum.com/portfolio I am struggling to figure out how to change either the text size or padding for a "poster caption" on an image block. I have tried lots of CSS but nothing seems to work. How can I make the text smaller? Or, how can I add padding? I am trying to have the text: "The Sensatorium" not get chopped off at the end. Pretty simple. Kind of hard to figure out. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. How can you do this with an "image poster" block instead?
  5. Hello, unfortunately none of this works. Is there a new line of code? Here in 7.0 with Pacific and it is very difficult to change the text size.
  6. None of these work in 7.0 with Pacific. It would be great to find a fix for this!
  7. For the record here is another plugin. "Pinch Zoomer jQuery Plugin" Not sure on how to integrate with Squarespace but it seems like it gets at the issue. https://codecanyon.net/item/pinch-zoomer-jquery-plugin/6623080
  8. Wow, that was deep vernistage1 nice work! I tried out the plugin I listed and it doesn't solve the problem. Slight nuance in the type of zoom functionality it provides vs what is needed. I noticed between that original post and now the Lightbox functionality works slightly differently. Still no zoom though... Will keep searching!
  9. For instance is anyone brave enough to give this a shot? Looks like there might be a solution to try though it's paid. https://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoom/modules/squarespace/
  10. I would like to ping this. It's really too bad this is still not implemented. It's a naturalized gesture with mobile users. Ever person I have seen using my website tries for this and then it's an awkward explanation of why it still can't happen. It's like a piece of software that hasn't upgraded to the mouse but uses a GUI. It's a huge missing step and I would be open to seeing how we can crowd-fix this or submit this to the Squarespace team so they can implement it. It's not rocket-science or a neural network for hashtags. It's pinch-zoom!
  11. A friend just pointed out that on my site, when viewing in desktop mode, the links do not work. More like only some do. www.Sensebellum.com For instance, "Work" is working but "Services" is not. When I go to edit these things in the interface I see two options: 1) Edit Navigation (does not work) 2) Manage Sections (I am afraid if I delete or rearrange catastrophic things will happen). Attached are shots of how things look from my end. Happy to provide any more information as necessary! Thank you,
  12. Hello, I am trying to get my website to have nice images that are links to other projects. I want the look of the caption as an overlay. Both the image and text need to be clickable links. I am struggling getting the text to not be clipped, cropped, or otherwise different between screen sizes. For instance it looks great on a desktop and looks terrible on a tablet. Please see screen shot of an example of what is happening. Any ideas on how to do this so the text scales properly across all screen sizes?
  13. That code did not do much when I pasted it in earlier. And the "best answer" is the work around I noted as not the best solution. Do you know of code that works? Or, do I need the "wrap" that code in any other statement?
  14. The answers so far are unsatisfactory. I am looking for a bit of CSS to force display the description of an image int he Grid Gallery Block. Other methods are just work arounds. Such as creating a gallery page and then a summary of it somewhere else. The summary is laid out literally perfectly. I just can't upload custom images. Any ways out there?
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