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  1. A friend just pointed out that on my site, when viewing in desktop mode, the links do not work. More like only some do. www.Sensebellum.com For instance, "Work" is working but "Services" is not. When I go to edit these things in the interface I see two options: 1) Edit Navigation (does not work) 2) Manage Sections (I am afraid if I delete or rearrange catastrophic things will happen). Attached are shots of how things look from my end. Happy to provide any more information as necessary! Thank you,
  2. Hello, I am trying to get my website to have nice images that are links to other projects. I want the look of the caption as an overlay. Both the image and text need to be clickable links. I am struggling getting the text to not be clipped, cropped, or otherwise different between screen sizes. For instance it looks great on a desktop and looks terrible on a tablet. Please see screen shot of an example of what is happening. Any ideas on how to do this so the text scales properly across all screen sizes?
  3. That code did not do much when I pasted it in earlier. And the "best answer" is the work around I noted as not the best solution. Do you know of code that works? Or, do I need the "wrap" that code in any other statement?
  4. The answers so far are unsatisfactory. I am looking for a bit of CSS to force display the description of an image int he Grid Gallery Block. Other methods are just work arounds. Such as creating a gallery page and then a summary of it somewhere else. The summary is laid out literally perfectly. I just can't upload custom images. Any ways out there?
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