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  1. Hello, I am not a professional website designer. I chose SQS because I thought it was the best in the industry for non-website designers. However, I’ve had a lot of negative experiences with SQS Support. I have an anxiety attack whenever I need to contact them because their customer service is so poor. If I had the time, money and skill to leave SQS, I would. I have a current website problem with a url that directly impacts my client experience and SEO. I asked in the SQS Forum, but no one responded. I asked the SQS Circle Leader who taught me SQS website design and she referred me to SQS Support. I reached out to SQS Support and their frontline staff bypassed the problem without solving it. This concerned me because she didn't identify or solve the problem nor did she tell me how to prevent it from happening in the future. I am afraid to change a url now because I don't know what will happen when I do. Upon my request, the representative escalated it. It may take days for me to hear back from SQS Support and when I do, I'm afraid they will tell me tough luck like they have on so many other issues. Here's my question: Do you have any recommendations on how to maneuver SQS Support to get a proper resolution to a problem (instead of bypassing it and sticking me with yet another unsolved and unsupported problem)? Hanna
  2. Site URL: https://spiritwomanleader.com Hello, What is a validation error on folder update? It's not listed anywhere. Hanna
  3. @ChristineDarby It's only 4, not 6. It increased by 2 since I started submitting page-by-page.
  4. @paul2009 Topic 1: Are you saying that everything in my robot file is a "noindex" that SQS tells Google not to index because it is a page for my site that exists behinds the scenes and I don't know is there? I looked at everything in my pages robot file and there's nothing in there I recognize/created. Topic 2: "register both the www and the non-www version of the domain." Google Search Console doesn't let you do this anymore. I think it just does it for you automatically (unless I'm doing something wrong). It wouldn't allow me to enter anything but spiritwomanleader.com. Hanna
  5. Hi @paul2009, I clicked the robot link you provided above, but I don't know how to read that document. It doesn't help me understand why many pages are excluded nor why it is normal. I looked at the second link. I have done everything on it. The only Code Injection I have are for a Flodesk pop-up, Shareaholic buttons in my footer, and a sidebar in my blog. Under Custom CSS, I have some design code from a designer. I looked at all of this code and don't see any noindex code in it. Can you tell me: 1) How do I read the robot page? Why are excluded pages normal? 2) How long does it take for all the pages on a new site to get indexed approximately? 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months? 3) Where do I find the Exclusion reason? Hanna
  6. Site URL: https://spiritwomanleader.com Hello, Google is not indexing most of the pages on my site. It's indexed 2, but Excluded 24 pages. Google Console doesn't say where to find the reason for the exclusion. I contacted Google and they can't find where the Exclusion reason is located in Google Console. In comparison, Bing has indexed 8 pages. 1) How long does it take for all the pages on a new site to get indexed approximately? 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months? 2) Where do I find the Exclusion reason? If there is something to fix, I want to fix it. If it is just time, I will wait. Hanna
  7. Hanna1


    Hello, What is a reasonable time to wait for a response in this forum before moving on to hopefully find an answer elsewhere? Hanna
  8. Hanna1

    URL Structure

    Paul, Do you have any thoughts on my other post? Hanna
  9. I am just a beginner, so the basic set-up is good for now. Thank you for the link. Hanna
  10. Site URL: https://www.spiritwomanleader.com Hello, I entered my google analytics number in the SQS API box and today I received an email from Google that asks me to finish set-up (see below). Do I need to do these two steps or does SQS take care of that? If I need to do these two steps, how do I do it? I looked at the instructions, but to be honest, I had really hard time just finding the correct Google Analtyics number that started with the G-. The platform is really confusing. If there is a step-by-step video I can watch, that would be best. Hanna
  11. Hanna1

    URL Structure

    OMG...so embarrassed. It works! I thought SQS was supposed to do it automatically when I moved pages under a folder.
  12. Hanna1

    URL Structure

    Site URL: https://www.spiritwomanleader.com How do I get my urls to look like this: https://spiritwomanleader.com/about/hanna-hunt https://spiritwomanleader.com/services/spiritual-leaders instead of... https://spiritwomanleader.com/about-hanna-hunt https://spiritwomanleader.com/services-for-spirital-leaders I don't know how to get urls to show that pages are nested underneath a folder, page or link. Hanna
  13. OMG, I think it worked! But I have a question before I get too excited. I disconnected the domain from SQS, went back through the process of "Use a Domain I Own," and got a verification code this time. I manually entered it into the receiving domain host. The domain showed connected in SQS. I went through the connection process with the receiving domain host and they said it was "Connected!". In SQS, all five DNS records are green (not red). But the verification code line sometimes disappears and only the remaining four DNS records are there. I clicked "Refresh" a few times and the Verification DNS record eventually comes back in green. Is that normal?
  14. The Chat Bot still has me waiting for an Agent and it's been nearly three hours.
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