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Can code override the 30-items-limit for blog posts in the new Summary Block?

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I love the new Summary Block. And I would like to use it to let a visitor browse through excerpts of my blogposts before they dive into the posts themselves - especially the carousel option is extremely suitable for that.

Bummer: when you try to implement this feature the number of blogposts that you can show is limited to 30.

Would anyone now if the 30-items-limit is overridable with some piece of code that could be injected somewhere?

I know that if you use blog excerpts in the regular way, the number of posts to be displayed is unlimited. But the way in which you can display them is not. And with the new Summary Block you have so many nice options for customisation...

I also understand that I could implement different Summary Blocks, one after the other, each set up to cover a different time period of a blog.

But it would be so much better to a have one nice, clean carousel (for instance) to cover all the posts. And since the Summary Block is especially set up to deal with blogs (among others), one would expect to have an 'unlimited option' in the first place, no :-)...?

Anyway: I don't know anything about code except how to copy and paste it, so if somebody would have a solution: a step by step guide for implementing it would be extremely welcome :-) :-)...

Thanks a bunch in advance!

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This has come up before I believe and the conclusion was its not possible because it would involve changing code at the back end. In reality you're asking for the block to work differently

I want this too, so I've asked for this here:https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/41593/can-we-have-these-features-in-summary-block-version-3

In a way it also sounds like you're asking for a grid based blogging template with infinite scrolling , something else I and others have been asking forhttps://answers.squarespace.com/questions/30002/please-can-we-have-a-new-grid-blogging-template-like-the-new-squarespace-blog

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I'd love to have this option but not for a blog but for products' listing- summary block gives a lot of useful options (like grid/list layout) and limitation to 30 pcs is killing me:(

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Thanks Scoobie :-)

I searched the answers but can't find a specific question for a piece of code...

You make great points in your feature request btw, I will make sure to vote for it.

And no: I'm not specifically asking for a grid based blogging template with infinite scrolling, I was thinking of using the carousel myself. I can see though how a grid like that could be useful to a lot of people.

By the way: if you use blog excerpts now, you get sort of a list of your blogposts. But it's not a neat small list, and it's not customisable. It does show though that it's not impossible to have more than 30 items in a the list, and that having over 30 items doesn't necessarily hamper download speeds as customer service suggested to me in my correspondence with them. They were very helpful too, and indeed I asked them for the Summary Block to work differently, and they have forwarded the request to the Developer Team. Let's see what happens :-)...

And yes people: feel free to vote for this question if you want to attract the attention of that Team :-)...!

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I would like this option too! I am using summary blocks for products, so I can organize by category. I have more than 30 items in one category, and want all of the products to display in the grid summary block.

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Seriously... or at least I would like an explanation for the limitation. :)

For now, I've added to year tags to chunk up the content, but that's not really helpful if you have more than 30 items.

Also, I've tried to customize the actual blog to look like the summary.

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Seriously... or at least I would like an explanation for the limitation. :)

For now, I've added to year tags to chunk up the content, but that's not really helpful if you have more than 30 items.

Also, I've tried to customize the actual blog to look like the summary.

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I would also like to override the 30 item limit! I am trying to use the summary block to show sold properties on a real estate website (don't want to auto populate the data from the MLS because I want to choose a different main image of each property).

I have different summary blocks with galleries on different pages (sold pages 2 and up are unlinked) and have added links below to act as page directions, but it would be SO much easier to just add the listings to a single gallery and have a load more button at the bottom. The method I am using currently ads unnecessary pages to the site which I don't like.

Link below to show what I mean:


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There are two workarounds for this issue. The first is far from ideal but can work in certain circumstances. You can break down your gallery/blog/events into different categories/tags and then add multiple summary blocks to the same page, with each one only showing one of the categories/tags. As I say, it’s far from ideal but it's the only option currently available without buying a third party solution.

The second workaround is to purchase a third party plugin that allows you to have as many items as you need, and to load them on demand using ‘lazy loading’. I wholly recommend this plugin, see: https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/lazy-summaries

Squarespace don't accept feature requests via this forum any more so if you need more than 30 items, you'll need to contact Customer Care directly to add your voice to the requests for this feature to be built-in. You can reach out to them here.

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I don't think that's a solution, the person seems to be changing a value in a debugger not actually doing a front-end change that would implement this change. And unfortunately the answer for this question is just support for how we really need this feature :/

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Agreed - this is a huge limitation for a platform advertised as a blogging tool. Without being able to increase the amount (and hopefully at the same time toggle a pagination addition) is like trying to work with hands tied behind your back.

Really need a way to implement this, or at least be able to add a summary via code injection and add infinite scrolling or pagination with unlimited page results.

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