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  1. Thanks Scoobie :-) I searched the answers but can't find a specific question for a piece of code... You make great points in your feature request btw, I will make sure to vote for it. And no: I'm not specifically asking for a grid based blogging template with infinite scrolling, I was thinking of using the carousel myself. I can see though how a grid like that could be useful to a lot of people. By the way: if you use blog excerpts now, you get sort of a list of your blogposts. But it's not a neat small list, and it's not customisable. It does show though that it's not impossible to have
  2. I love the new Summary Block. And I would like to use it to let a visitor browse through excerpts of my blogposts before they dive into the posts themselves - especially the carousel option is extremely suitable for that. Bummer: when you try to implement this feature the number of blogposts that you can show is limited to 30. Would anyone now if the 30-items-limit is overridable with some piece of code that could be injected somewhere? I know that if you use blog excerpts in the regular way, the number of posts to be displayed is unlimited. But the way in which you can display them is not
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