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  1. Hi Jen! Were you able to find something that works? I've been trying to do the same thing and can't figure it out. I looked at your site on mobile and it looks like you may have just switched to a different kind of gallery?
  2. Hi, did you find a solution to this? I've tried a few codes but haven't found anything that works..
  3. Site URL: https://mollyrees.com I have prev/next controls under my Carousel Gallery block, but when you click on them they do nothing. I'm not sure how I ended up with the prev/next instead of the arrows on the edge of each side of the carousel, but I do prefer them to the arrows so would like to keep them this way. Not sure why they are not working though. Clicking on a photo in the gallery does advance the photos, but I'd like the controls to also work in-case the viewer doesn't know to click on the gallery. Site is mollyrees.com and the page where they are not working is "Editorial
  4. Oh my gosh @tuanphan you are a genius! I didn't think this was possible. One question - is there a way to make the photos enlarge so that we can see the entire photo enlarge and not just see the enlarged part within the edges of the carousel gallery? (If you are able to check my website you can see what it looks like with your code - I love that they are enlarged like this but the enlarged image is cropped to fit within the carousel instead of the enlarged image popping up big outside of the edges of the carousel strip). I guess ideally if the photo were to pop out of the edges of the caro
  5. Site URL: https://mollyrees.com Hi! Carousel doesn't have a lightbox option, and I've been searching endlessly for custom CSS to create this option. Is it possible? I heard that it's an option in the Forte template, but haven't seen what that looks like. I have several Carousel galleries on a page and would like the viewer to click through larger images if possible. Even if a lightbox weren't an option, I'd be happy if there were a hover or roll-over effect where hovering over a photo enlarged it temporarily. Kind of like the "genie effect" option on a mac computer when you ro
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