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  1. Again, I appreciate your help here, @HoangExprto. You are correct and Google Ads finally explained as much in the message below. Squarespace support told me their engineering team is working on a fix, though they have no timeframe for when the issue will be resolved. The email from Google Ads: Squarespace support's response:
  2. @HoangExprto Thanks for taking a look. I see polyfills referenced on every page of the site in these lines of code: <script type="text/javascript" crossorigin="anonymous" defer="defer" nomodule="nomodule" src="//assets.squarespace.com/@sqs/polyfiller/1.6/legacy.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" crossorigin="anonymous" defer="defer" src="//assets.squarespace.com/@sqs/polyfiller/1.6/modern.js"></script> Is that different than what you found on the page you referenced (https://www.blacksford.com/yellowstone-rv-rentals)? I see this code on the 50+ Squarespace sites I'm on. Because the source is from Squarespace itself—src=//assets.squarespace.com—I'm assuming it's from Squarespace's server code. And (for good reason) it's not accessible, deletable or editable by customers. For other Squarespace customers having this issue, read below to see what Squarespace support said: I'll look into the code added via Developer Mode, but most of it relates to CSS and styling, so I can't imagine that's the issue.
  3. @HoangExprto thank you. I don't believe I can remove that from a Squarespace site, but I'll check with my developer to see if they can. I appreciate your help.
  4. Thank you @WebQure. It's https://www.blacksford.com/
  5. Thank you @HoangExprto. I'm not sure what a polyfill is or where to find it. Would it be in a code injection? Custom CSS?
  6. I'm working with a client's marketing team who just got this message from Google: The most recent system scan detected that this advertiser's primary declared landing page is affected by an unsafe domain and the bad link is 'googie-anaiytics[.]com' Note the lowercase i in place of the two lowercase Ls in the link. We've looked in the source code, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Screaming Frog and we don't see any reference to or from that spammy domain to the client's Home page. I've found the same question posted in other forums, but no answers. Has anyone solved an issue like this?
  7. @JamieT I'm trying to do something similar with the Bullhorn Career Portal on a client's site. My client want their Bullhorn job listings to auto-populate on their Squarespace site. I'm currently working with a developer and Bullhorn Support to try to get it set up, but we keep getting an error page. It seems like Bullhorn is going to suggest a Zapier integration, which looks like it sends info from Squarespace to Bullhorn, but not the other way around. I'll post again if we find a solution. Update: Bullhorn can't be integrated directly into Squarespace. Here's the reply from the Bullhorn customer service team: Squarespace does not directly support embedding the OSCP. In order for the OSCP to be part of your Squarespace site, it would need to be hosted on a different site and your developer can use an i-frame to incorporate it into your Squarespace hosted site. The OSCP is designed to work with hosts that are able to serve HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JSON files and have access to the Control Panel or FTP upload. For other services, using an iframe that points to your career portal will be the alternative. I would still recommend suggesting using the iframe to incorporate the career portal within your Squarespace site, to your tech team. If this is something they believe they can do I will be happy to make sure the iframed website is displaying correctly and pulling your jobs.
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