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  1. @paul2009 @tuanphan I have a similar question -- however, I want to remove the labels ABOVE the product variants as shown in the attached screenshot. Is this doable? The site is in 7:1 - https://janandsusan-lisaflynn.squarespace.com/ (PW: jsflynn) Thank you!
  2. @MarissaH Did you ever find a way to link summary listings to an external URL? I need the same thing for a client's site.
  3. @tuanphanI have a similar question for a website with business plan. The site is: https://badguild.info. My client has a membership directory (set up as blog summary) here: https://badguild,info/directory For each member profile, she wants icons with links to that person's Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. Is this doable with code block?
  4. Happy to find this thread! Does anyone know if there's a way to add sharing buttons on a regular page -- not a blog? My client is requesting page in 7.1 which will contain a video and several other elements and they don't want it as a blog post -- but they do the ability for people to share the page. Any ideas on how I can accomplish this? P.S. I tried using the code from sharethis.com (recommended earlier in this thread by @Ophelia123) in header code injection for the page in question -- it didn't work, but thought it was worth a try... hoping someone can suggest something that does work. Thanks!
  5. I have a 99designs client that has selected a Squarespace Business Package (fully integrated ecommerce) — I know how to set up his services, but there are tons of addon options. His is an auto detailing service — basic, standard, premium detailing — but with many addons (buff waxing, clay bar, scratch removal, acid wheel wash, headlight restoration). All of these are available AFTER you select the car size (coupe, sedan, midsize, suv, full) — and at different prices. Anyone? Squarespace isn't ready for these types of options — what to do?
  6. Was there ever a resolution on this question? I have a client who has made the same request, @paul2009 & @BureauSF. She is an artist and wants to be able to customize the "out of stock" label by category for certain pieces. Thanks!
  7. Basil template https://letsrezone.com We're using the following — and wondering if someone can assist with how to make this work in mobile?Header Code injection: Custom CSS:.Header {position:fixed!important;z-index: 1000;width: 100%;}.Header-inner{background: transparent;} .Header.scrollNav{background: #fff;}.Header.scrollNav a{color: #FD5825!important;} .Header-nav a{color: #fff!important;font-weight:500;font-size: 13px; &:hover {color: RGBa(153, 31, 32, 0.6)!important;}}@media screen and (min-width: 641px) { .Index section:first-child:not(.Index-gallery), .Main--page, .Intro, .Main { padding-top: 81px; } .Intro + .Main { padding-top: 0px; }}
  8. Is there CSS to change a navigation item in Basil to a button?
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