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  1. I insist that the code I found had this template id=551a47f2e4b01bf4ad7e07a3 Anyone?
  2. In the code of a Squarespace website: rgba(0, 0, 0, .7)","galleryThumbnailSize":"100px","grid-aspect-ratio":"1:1 (Square)","gridSize":"350px","gridSpacing":"20px","headerPadding":"15px","homepage-index-nav":"Show On Scroll","logoWidth":"140px","product-gallery-auto-crop":"false","product-image-auto-crop":"false","siteTitleContainerWidth":"300px","slideshow-aspect-ratio":"16:9 (Widescreen)","slideshow-autoplay":"true","slideshow-transition":"Fade"},"templateId":"551a47f2e4b01bf4ad7e07a3" I also found this: <class="touch-styles squarespace-damask"> Could it be Aviator?
  3. What template has this Id: 551a47f2e4b01bf4ad7e07a3 ?Thanks!
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